How do I add files to BT Cloud? What's the difference between backup and BT Cloud Sync?

BT Cloud backup

You can choose which files and folders you'd like BT Cloud to automatically back up. Any changes you make to them will be automatically replicated in BT Cloud, so your content is always current. Even if files are deleted from a computer or device, the backed up version will remain in BT Cloud, in the Deleted Items folder, unless you manually delete it.

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BT Cloud Sync

If you want to keep a file in sync across all your devices, save it in the BT Cloud Sync folder. Changes that are made to a document or file on one device will automatically be made to the version in BT Cloud Sync and can be retrieved from any other connected device. If content is deleted from a computer, that file in BT Cloud Sync will also be deleted.

How do I add files or folders to BT Cloud Sync? >

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