How do I set up Complete Wi-Fi?

To get the most out of Complete Wi-Fi, you'll need a BT ID and the My BT app. Take a look at the video and information below about getting set up.

You'll need to set up a BT ID to access the My BT app. If you're an existing customer, you've probably already got one.

If you're a new customer, we'll have created your BT ID when you joined. You need to activate it by following the instructions in the email we sent you. If you don't have this or want to know more see What is a BT ID and how can I get one? >

Our My BT app is clever stuff and has been updated to be your Complete Wi-Fi companion. It helps you manage your wi-fi network to make sure you're getting the strongest signal around your home. It'll even work out where to put your Wi-Fi disc and check the strength of your wi-fi signal in every room.

You can navigate to this information by clicking on the relevant tile on the home screen or via the Your Wi-Fi Network section in the More menu.

You can download the My BT app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The best way to connect your Hub and Wi-Fi discs is to follow the instructions on the My BT app. On the home screen, select More, Your wi-fi network and then Set up new disc. This will guide you through the set-up and suggest the best location for your disc.

Alternatively, follow the steps below to connect using an ethernet cable. There's one in your Hub box.

  1. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into a yellow port on the back of the Hub and the other end into the yellow port on the disc
  2. The light on the Wi-Fi disc will start flashing blue and will turn solid blue after a couple of minutes
  3. You can now unplug the cable. The light will change to flashing red, but will go back to solid blue after a few seconds
  4. Unplug the disc from the mains and plug it in at the preferred location

If you're still having problems, use our online troubleshooter

Use the disc location checker in the My BT app to find the best location for your disc.

If you don't have access to the app, we recommend you place the disc midway between the Hub and the location in your home that has poor wi-fi. You may want to adjust the position after set-up if your speeds are slow.

The Hub Admin password allows you to update the Hub's wireless network and the Hub and disc light status.

In the My BT app, go to Hub settings and select Update Wireless Network. Add the new network name or password. You'll need to update your wireless devices with the new details.

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