Coronavirus: Delivery, installations and repairs

Most connections, upgrades, installations and repairs are going ahead as normal.

Engineer visits might be cancelled or delayed if an enginner needs to enter your home.

There are no delays to the delivery of equipment like Smart Hubs and TV Boxes. 

Engineer visits: status updates

Connections and installations

Most connections and installations happen outside the property and can take place as normal.

You'll be told if an engineer visit can't happen. 

An engineer will usually come into your home in one of these situations:

Some engineers may be able to enter your home in other circumstances. 

Home Tech Experts

Home Tech Experts cannot enter your home in any circumstances.

However, they will drop equipment at the door and give help over the phone.  

Ariel installations

You may have to wait longer than usual for an appointment as many customers are waiting for their installation.


Most repairs happen outside properties and can take place as normal. An engineer will only enter your home if you have a total loss of service.

Booking an engineer appointment if you're high-risk from Covid-19

Please call us on 0800 800 150 to discuss any appointments or installations you need.

This number is for our most vulnerable customers - please only call if you have a letter from the government saying you are high-risk.

How to prepare for an engineer visit inside your home

If an engineer needs to enter your home please:

  • clear a path to the main telephone socket, if you have one
  • wipe down any surfaces around the telephone socket that our engineer may come into contact with
  • open any windows or doors where the engineer will be working
  • keep two metres away from the engineer to maintain social distancing, and move to a different room if possible

The engineer will:

  • contact you to check your circumstances and whether they still need to enter your home
  • may put on a mask and/or gloves
  • will wipe down any surface they have touched before leaving

Are there any short-term BT services I can use while I work from home? 

BT doesn’t offer any short term mobile or broadband services. Our minimum contract lengths are:

  • 12 months for SIM Only mobile 
  • 24 months for broadband  

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