BT Broadband connection problems

If you're having problems connecting to your broadband there are some things you can do at home to try and resolve it. It will save time if you can try these first before calling us.


Try these steps

  1. Check your service status
  2. Make a call on your landline
  3. Restart your BT Hub
  4. Check the lights on your Hub
  5. Power cycle your Openreach modem (fibre customers)
  6. Try your test socket

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Check your service status

There might be a temporary problem with the network or planned outage that's affecting every broadband connection in your area.

You can check for network problems by entering your telephone number on our service status page.

Our tracker will let you know of any recognised faults that could affect your phone, broadband, TV and sport.

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Make a call on your landline

Broadband needs a working phone line. Check you can make a phone call and that there's no noise on the line. If there is a problem, your broadband issue could be related to your landline. 

Try our landline troubleshooter >

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   Restart your Hub

      Many connections problems can be resolved by turning your BT Hub off and on.

  • Press the Power button on the back until all the lights go off and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Press the Power button again until all the lights come back on. It may take a few minutes for the lights to settle.

     If this doesn't work check the status of the lights (see below).

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Check the lights on your BT Hub

The lights on your Hub give indicators about what the hub is doing and whether everything is working correctly.

If there are no lights, check the power cable is in firmly, and connected to the mains.

A steady blue means that the Hub is connected to your broadband. If you are still having problems try turning the device you are using - like a phone, tablet or laptop - off and on. 

If the light isn’t a steady blue there could be an issue, but there are things you can do to help resolve it.

What the lights on your BT Hub mean > 

Outline of BT Hub with blue light

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Power cycle your modem

Fibre customers might have an Openreach modem installed. This is a white box that connects to your BT Hub.

We’ve found that many fibre connection issues can be resolved by power cycling the modem – turning it off and on again in a controlled way.

How to power cycle the Openreach modem >

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Try your test socket

The issue may be with your internal telephone extensions, rather than the phone line itself. One way to check this is by connecting your Hub to your test socket. 

The test socket is your main socket. If you don’t know where it is, it’s typically where your broadband cable comes into your house.

How to use your test socket >


Fix your broadband connection with our troubleshooter

If you are still experiencing problems try our troubleshooter.

Go to Broadband troubleshooter

If we can't find a fault or fix the problem online, we'll give you the option to book an engineer appointment.

If you can't connect to your BT Broadband, you can do this using your mobile internet connection.

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