What is BT Cloud?

BT Cloud is a totally private safe and secure way to store photos, videos, contacts, music, documents and other files, accessed with a unique BT ID. It was only available to customers who took BT Broadband and registered for the Cloud service before 26th October 2022.

It works on different devices - computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So data can be saved on one device and then viewed, shared and retrieved from another.

There are no restrictions on the number of devices which can be added to BT Cloud and we currently support the following operating systems:

  • PCs with Windows
  • Apple Mac
  • Android devices
  • iPhone and iPad (iOS operating system)

Along with these operating systems, you can access most BT Cloud functionalities using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on any device that can run these browsers (for example, a computer with the Linux operating system). To do this, log in to the BT Cloud Web Client at >

We'll never:

  • Claim copyright of your photos and files
  • Sell your data to advertisers
  • Profile your data to target ads at you
  • Share your files with anyone
  • Look at what you keep in the cloud. In fact, the way we've set up BT Cloud we can't see your files - only how much storage you use.

All your data is stored and hosted in the EU and protected by EU privacy laws.

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