What is BT Cloud?

BT Cloud is a safe, free way to store your photos, videos, contacts, music, documents and other files. 


What does BT Cloud do?

It lets you automatically back up, organise and safely store files like

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Documents

from your computer, mobile or tablet.

You can also share files straight from the Cloud using email or social media.


What devices can I use the cloud with?

Your PC, Mac, Android tablet and phone, iPhone or iPad.  


What does the cloud give me?

One single safe place to keep all your files, so you can access them from nearly any computer or device.

BT Cloud also lets you:

  • Back up files automatically
  • Organise, search and share files
  • Protect your files, whatever happens to your computer or device
  • Upload a file from one device, edit it on another, and have the latest version synced up on all of them



Is BT Cloud secure?

Yes, it's totally private and secure. Your account is accessed with your unique BT ID. You can share files with friends and family if you want, nobody else will have access.

We'll never:

  • Claim copyright of your photos and files
  • Sell your data to advertisers
  • Profile your data to target ads at you
  • Share your files with anyone
  • Look at what you keep in the cloud. In fact, the way we've set up BT Cloud we can't see your files - only how much storage you use.

All your data is stored and hosted in the EU (not the USA), and protected by EU privacy laws.


For a more comprehensive guide, download our customer guide to BT Cloud



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