Using the BT Cloud app

BT Cloud is a free service for our broadband customers. It allows you to securely back-up your digital files, such as photos, videos, contacts,  music and documents safely and securely in the cloud from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Find out more about BT Cloud. 

The BT Cloud app for Android and Apple devices has just been updated, so it’s more user friendly and easier to navigate than ever. We’ve also added some new features, including: Slideshow, Highlights, Flashbacks and in-app Photo Editing, as well as improved album sorting and notifications.

Downloading the BT Cloud app

  1. Search ‘BT Cloud’ on your app store.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Login with your BT ID.

Using the BT Cloud app’s new features

We’ve used Android screenshots below, so there may be a slight variation for iOS users, but the features we mention below are the same for both operating systems. 

Bring your photos to life by creating personalised slideshows, complete with filters and captions.


1: Start by finding the photos you want to use in your slideshow. Head to Photos & Videos and tap All.

2: Click the More icon (three vertical dots) - Select Content and tap on the photos you want to use.  

3: Tap the Instant Slideshow icon at the top and the app will generate a slideshow.

4: Change the style of your slideshow by tapping the filters, there are lots to choose from including: ‘Classic,’ ‘Wavy’ and ‘Zoom.’

5: ‘Change music’ lets you add music from your collection to your slideshow.

6: ‘Change Text’ enables you to give your slideshow a title and/or end credits.

7: Once you are happy click Save. Give it a name and  your slideshow will be saved into the Albums folder. 


Each week BT Cloud will curate a selection of your photographic highlights. If you’ve chosen to get BT Cloud notifications, you’ll get a message when a new Highlight is available.

1: Within the Photos & Videos section of the app, go to ‘Highlights’ and tap the highlight to see it.

2: You’ll see all the photos that make up the Highlight, there are various things you can do with it including saving and sharing. Click ‘More’ (three vertical dots) to bring up options which are: Select, Save As Album, Copy Share Link and Rename Highlight. 

3: Tap the Slideshow icon to turn your Highlight into an Instant Slideshow.


Relieve your photo memories, as each week BT Cloud reminds you what you were doing in previous years. If you’ve chosen to get BT Cloud notifications, you’ll get a message letting you know a new Flashback is available

1: To view a Flashback go to Photos & Videos and click ‘Flashbacks.’ 

2: If you want to share your Flashback click More (three vertical dots) you'll be able to Create a Slideshow, Add to an Album, Add to Favourites or Download it.

3: You’ll see a range of editing tools including: Transform, Filter, Adjust, Focus, Sticker, Text, Text Design, Overlay and Frame. Each has their own options, which we'll look at below.

4: When you are editing if you need to go back a step use the Undo or Redo arrows.

5: Tap ‘Reset’ at any point to restore your photo to its original state.

6: When you have finished using an editing feature, such as adding a filter or cropping, tap the Tick at the bottom to confirm changes.

7: Once you’ve done this, you can continue using other editing features, or tap the down arrow next to Editor to save your content.

Photo Editing features

1: Transform: Straighten any wonky horizons in your photos by dragging the line of dots left or right, you can also Rotate by tapping the circular arrow. Crop by dragging the corners of the photo in and out. The shape icons such as Square, 16:9 and 4:3 let you adjust the aspect ratio.

2: Filter: Tap this and small thumbnails appear showing the types of filters, including: Duotone, B&W, Vintage, Smooth, Cold and Warm. Choose one (here we’ve tapped ‘Vintage’) and you’ll see variations of the filter. Use the slider to adjust the strength.

 3: Adjust: Here you can tweak the: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Clarity, Shadow and Highlights. In this photo we’re adjusted the Saturation. Use the slider to make the effect stronger or weaker.

4: Focus: Experiment with Radial, Mirrored and Linear focus points. Tap the screen to select the focus point and use the slider to adjust the strength.

5: Sticker: There are a range of cartoon and shape stickers you can use in your photos. Drag them to the position you want and adjust the size and opacity.

6: Text: Add captions to your photos, customising the colour, size and font of the text.

7: Text Design: If you want something that looks a bit more more professional, the app includes pre-set text styles for your captions.

8: Overlay: Graphical overlays can be added to your photo, such as Rain, Mosaic and Paper.

9: Frame: Choose from a variety of frame styles, which you can add to your photos.

10: Brush: Hand draw on your photo, using the brush size and colour of your choice.

Enhanced sorting

You can now view your photo and video albums alphabetically as well as chronologically.

1: Go into the Albums folder and click More – Sort.

2: You’ll be able to sort by Date Modified (New to Old and Old to New) and A-Z or Z-A.

Notification management 

You can now control the smartphone notifications you get from BT Cloud from within the Android app. If you have an iPhone, control notifications through the Settings menu on your phone.

1: Open the Main Menu and tap the Settings cog.

2: Click Notification Manager.

3: Use the sliders to turn notifications on or off for Cloud, Flashbacks, Highlights and Message Centre.

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