Broadband Extender 500 Flex Kit for EE TV

Broadband Extender 500 kit

The BT Broadband Extender 500 Flex Kit allows you to connect your EE TV box to your BT Hub without having to run an Ethernet cable all the way around the home. It does this by sending your broadband signal through the electrical wiring in your home.

Each extender also has a power socket on the front, so you don't lose a plug socket on your wall. We recommend you use this socket to plug in any plug boards or your EE TV box itself. This product supports On Demand, Catch Up and Extra TV Channels through EE TV.

Note that you can't use the Broadband Extender 500 Flex Kit if you've got Ultra HD. You'll need to use the BT Mini Connectors or an Ethernet cable to connect your 4K recordable TV box to your Hub.

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The Broadband Extender Kit has a power save mode which will kick in after five minutes of inactivity. As soon as it detects use, it'll automatically come back on. The power light will flash when in power save mode.

Your Broadband Extender has lost connection. First, turn the Broadband Extender off then back on again. Wait a couple of minutes to check if the Data light comes back on.

If the Data light is still off, you can reconnect your Broadband Extender by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your Broadband Extender is plugged directly into a power socket which is switched on
  2. Press the Link button on the Broadband Extender for five to eight seconds. Wait for the Power light to go back to steady green
  3. Press the Link button again, this time for one second
  4. Within two minutes, press the Link button on one of the other Broadband Extenders in your home for one second to complete the connection
  5. Wait for the 'Power' and 'Data' lights on the Broadband Extender to light up
  6. You Broadband Extender should now be connected

You can connect up to eight Broadband Extender 200's, and 16 Broadband Extenders 500's on a single network, but only eight can be active at the same time.

Yes, this will normally work OK. However, electricity meters will act as a barrier to Broadband Extender signals.

They may become slightly warm in use, but this is perfectly normal. Your extenders will also go into standby mode when they detect inactivity for more than five minutes.

So BT Broadband Extenders are completely safe and can be left plugged in all the time.

Your Broadband Extenders are set to work together as a pair, and will work perfectly out of the box. The best way to test them is to find a double plug socket, plug them in next to each other and wait for the connection to complete (this may take a couple of minutes). If everything’s okay, the 'Power' and 'Data' indicators on both extenders will light up.

If your extenders stop working or become unpaired, you can reset them by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the extenders are plugged in and the power socket is switched on
  2. On each extender press and hold the Link button for more than 15 seconds and release. Wait a couple of minutes and the 'Power' indicator on both will light up
  3. They should now be working correctly

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