I don't understand charges on my BT bill

Different types of charges on your bill

Your bill is higher than expected

There are a few reasons why your bill may be higher than normal.

You should check:

  • whether you still owe money from a pervious bill - the unpaid amount is added to your next bill 
  • the charges in the 'What you've used' and 'Account charges' sections of your bill - this shows what you've been charged outside your package 
  • whether your discount or special offer period has finsihed (if you are getting one)

Your first bill after joining BT or adding a service

Your first bill includes charges for:

  1. Your fixed package charge for the month ahead (or next 3 months, if you get your bill quarterly) – these appear on your bill under ‘Your regular charges’
  2. a pro-rated charge for the time in between your first day of the service and your first bill - these appear on your bill under ‘Your regular charges’

You’re charged for your usage – for example phone calls or BT TV On Demand - after you’ve used them. 

Discounts or special offers

You'll see discounts and special offers in the 'Your regular charges' section of your bill.

For some products the discount will be part of the price, so this will be shown as a reduced charge (for example, if your price was £3.00 with a 10% discount, it may be shown as £2.70). For other products the discount is calculated as a standalone charge (but with a minus “-“). In this case you'll see the full charge for your subscription and a credit (minus charge), which may be in another section of your bill.

You have been charged twice

You might see two charges for the same product if:

  • you've cancelled one package and added another package 
  • we've changed the name or price of a product 

Don't worry - you won't be charged twice. The charge will be refunded on the same bill. 

You’ve been charged for a service you haven’t used yet

You might see a charge for a service you haven’t used yet, for example your first bill after joining BT or after you add or remove a service.

This is because we charge for services in advance. 

There is a charge for a service you have cancelled

Your bill will have a charge for both your new and old services, even though your old package or service has been cancelled.

You'll be refunded what you paid in advance for your old package or service on the same bill that shows the advance charges for your new one.

You don't understand what an account/one-off charge is for

Read common one-off charges, what they’re for and how much they cost.

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