BT Line Rental Saver discount

You can get one month's line rental free when you pay upfront using a debit or credit card. You'll need to set up a monthly Direct Debit to pay any additional charges, such as calls. You'll also need to have paper-free billing. Line Rental Saver is only available for customers with a landline and broadband.

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I'm being charged line rental on my last bill but I've got Line Rental Saver

You'll see a refund on your next bill for any line rental you've been charged for in advance, before you added Line Rental Saver.

Can I get Line Rental Saver on more than one line?

No, you can only get Line Rental Saver discount on one of your phone lines.

What if I move home?

Line rental that you paid for by Line Rental Saver will normally move with you if you move. Everything will stay the same, and you won't have to pay for line rental again until your Line Rental Saver discount runs out.

However, certain offers you can take up when you move aren't available with line rental paid for by Line Rental Saver. We'll let you know if this is the case. If you decide to go ahead, you may have to cancel your Line Rental Saver.

Does changing my Calling Plan affect my Line Rental Saver?

In most cases you'll be able to change your Calling Plan and this won't affect your Line Rental Saver payment option. However, the Line Rental Saver payment option doesn't apply to a few of our calling plans.

We'll let you know if this is the case when you start your order online.

Is my Line Rental Saver payment refundable?

Yes. If you choose to cancel Line Rental Saver at any time, we'll refund any remaining upfront payment.

How will I know when I need to renew my Line Rental Saver?

We won't automatically renew your Line Rental Saver but we'll email you about a month before your current discount ends. We'll let you know how and when you can get a further Line Rental Saver discount. This information will also be on your bill.

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