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How can I recontract?

Simply log in with your BT ID at >


How long is my contract?

All of our contracts vary in length. Most of our contracts are 24 months, but we do have some that are 18. Our BT Mobile contracts are mainly 12 months for SIM Only and 24 months for handset plans. New BT mobile customers can no longer take out SIM Only plans or Handset plans. Existing customers can upgrade or regrade through our contact centre


Do I have to be given any information before I enter into a contract?

Only if you have had no face-to-face contact with the company (for example, if a contract is made over the phone or online). Then the company must give you some key information before you enter into a contract. This includes a description of the services, the price, the existence of your right to cancel and any minimum term that applies. Most of this information has to be confirmed in writing.


What happens to my other BT services if I upgrade or recontract?

If you recontract or upgrade either your phone landline service or your EE TV service (and you already have BT Broadband), then your broadband service will automatically recontract. This is so that you can enjoy these services for the full duration of the new contract without any problems or technical issues.

If you want to upgrade or recontract your BT Broadband service and you are a TNT Sports customer, then this will automatically recontract as well. If you enjoy TNT Sports on our app or online or via Sky, once your contract has finished then you may face an increase in price if you do not recontract before your contract expires.

If you are a BT Mobile customer, then your BT Mobile contract is treated separately from any other BT products or services. Recontracting or upgrading your BT Mobile service with BT will not cause any changes to the contract end date for any of your other BT products or services.


Will I pay more once I am out of contract?

When you come out of any of your BT contracts you may end up paying more, as you lose certain promotions associated with your service. For example, when your TV or broadband contract finishes and you have TNT Sports, then you'll start paying £6.75 additional a month (if you have BT Broadband and watch TNT Sports on Sky) or £6 additional a month (if you watch TNT Sports on EE TV).


Do I have to be at the end of my contract to upgrade my BT Broadband?

No, you can upgrade your BT Broadband at any time. We'll put you on to a new 12-month contract when you upgrade.


What happens to my contract if I upgrade my BT Broadband to a higher option?

When you upgrade your BT Broadband, for example from Broadband to Broadband Unlimited, you transfer with it any discounts as well as the remaining months of your current contract.

The only exception to this is if the higher broadband option has a special offer, or if you're moving from BT Broadband to Superfast Fibre.


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