• At Enterprise Service, we are more than you might think

    We do important work, often in times of crisis; work that requires confidence and confidentiality; work that requires dedication and skill. There’s nothing routine about it.

    We’re under contract to provide innovative and essential technology and communications solutions to UK military, intelligence, and security customers all across the UK. Quietly, calmly, and confidentially, we’ve got a whole team of people helping to keep you, your neighbours and the whole country safe. And we’ve been doing so for years.

    We’re looking for people to join us in a wide range of roles. Ideal applicants will already be security-cleared, and we’ll help those that need it to go through the process.

    We’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We use cutting edge technology to create secure solutions. We keep our emergency services connected so they can respond when they’re needed. We keep people safe when they’re at their most vulnerable.

    To do all this, we need the best people in our team. People that take pride in their work and in our role as a major contributor to the fabric of British life and society. People that can say ‘I am not who you think I am. I am more.’

    Ready to learn more, do more and be more? Step inside.

  • In Enterprise Sales, we are more than you might think

    We’re not just run of the mill sales people, out to sell any solution we can. We work with our customers to identify their needs and help their business grow; if our products and services are right for them. For us, the customer is key, and it’s all about how we deliver a great service and experience. That’s because, as Enterprise, we are more than just a job.

    We have a huge range of customers that we work with. From your local self-employed florist, to your supermarkets and high street banks, right through to major government contracts and departments like the Ministry of Defence, and everything else in-between. No one has a customer portfolio quite like ours. 

    We’re looking for people to join us in a wide range of roles. People who can think on their feet. Who can adapt and shift to customers' individual needs and specific challenges to help make their world and their lives better.

    We’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We help our customers be at the forefront of their game using BT products and services that do more than you ever thought they could. Your client might be using the product you’ve sold them to help keep our country safe from cyber threats, or making sure they're connected to our vast network so they can operate without any hurdles.

    It all comes together with the best people in our team. People that take pride in their work and in our role as a major contributor to the fabric of British life and society. People that can say ‘We are more.’

    Ready to learn more, do more and be more? Step inside.

  • Enterprise is one of our four customer-facing units and we sell communications and IT services to around 1.2 million businesses and public sector organisations in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Across our whole product range we serve over half of the FTSE 350.

    Our Wholesale business helps communications providers (CPs) and other organisations provide fixed or mobile phone services to more than 1,400 communication providers (CPs). We also offer services for media companies and broadcasters in the UK and globally.

    Our specialist business teams deliver a broad range of products and services to more than 1000 customers including mass-market services like directory enquiries and payphones, and enterprise services such as drones solutions and alarm signalling devices and services.

    Our Enterprise unit is incredibly diverse and we have a wide range of positions available in sales, customer service, marketing, digital, and commercial.  

    Group looking at monitor
    Group looking at monitor

As the leading business communications provider with the best fixed and mobile networks in the UK, we’re in a unique position to bring converged network and IT services to businesses and public services in the UK and Ireland. With BT’s Enterprise unit underpinning the delivery of essential public services, we’re proud of our role as a critical national enabler. And as the technology partner of choice for 1.2 million business and public sector customers, we’re on a mission to improve their productivity, performance and processes through the power of digital transformation.

Rob Shuter CEO, Enterprise

Join Enterprise as part of our sales force and we’re positive that you’ll enjoy a rewarding career with us! 

Customer Service – provides service and delivery support for Business and Public Sector customers.

Our Digital, Product and Marketing team are responsible for product management, marketing, digital & online services as well as strategy & business transformation.

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