Introduction Much done, much more to do

Adam Crozier,


Philip Jansen,

Chief Executive

Harmeen Mehta,

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

Ed Petter,

Corporate Affairs Director

Athalie Williams,

Chief Human Resources Officer

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We have a responsibility to transform. Everybody at BT Group, across the Board, our managerial and front-line colleagues, has a clear sense of what we must do to deliver on our strategy to transform this business for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Adam Crozier, Chairman

Strategic progress 1 of 3 Build the strongest foundations

We’re investing in the best converged networks, for us that means being the market leader in new full fibre and 5G networks with enhanced capabilities. We’re also becoming a simpler, more efficient and dynamic BT Group by transforming our products and customer journeys and modernising our digital and network infrastructure. And we’ll continue to create a culture where people can be their best.

...that people can rely on
Image of Tom Daley presenting the 2022 Commonwealth games
Illustration of woman carrying commonwealth games torch
The best converged network

5G innovation in live broadcasting

BT Group installed a portable 5G Private Network for the BBC’s broadcast coverage of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Image of a woman talking to two other people
Illustration of man working on a laptop
A culture where people
can be their best

Award winning apprenticeships

At BT we offer award winning colleague development for all our apprentices and graduates.

Image of Bristol Assembly
Illustration of a building
A culture where people
can be their best


Image of a studio
Illustration of a deck and speaker
The best converged network

New broadband for music studio

Openreach brought fast and reliable broadband to a music studio as part of it’s upgrade to 100,000 properties across Suffolk.

Image of two men in High Vis vests talking
Illustration showing FTTP cables connecting to a home
The best converged network


Using the Universal Service Obligation, BT Group was able to commission Openreach to deliver fibre to Braylsham Castle.

Strategic progress 2 of 3 Create standout customer experiences

Our aim is to deliver outstanding services that improve our customers’ lives and deliver them the outcomes they want. This year we continued to enhance our offering as we seek to give our customers the latest intelligent connected services. transform lives
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Outstanding service
and experience

Supporting our engineers

Over 29,000 of our engineers are now using our ‘skills passport’ to better themselves and improve the levels of customer experience they provide.

Image of a disabled elderly man using a laptop
Illustration of a tablet and broadband connecting
Smarter, differentiated solutions
and outcomes

Social tariffs

Many people are dealing with financial uncertainty, and we know it’s difficult. We’re dedicated to supporting our most vulnerable customers in the cost of living crisis

Image of two people in an ambulance
Illustration of a person using a laptop with Emergency on the screen
Smarter, differentiated solutions
and outcomes

999 call answering

Since 1937, BT Group has been handling 999 calls in the United Kingdom, providing support to the emergency services round the clock, every day of the year.

Strategic progress 3 of 3 Lead the way to a bright sustainable future

We’ve continued to simplify and strengthen our business portfolio, making sure we maximise the value of our assets and partnerships. We’re investing in the future of connectivity with a focus on innovation. And we’re committed to being a responsible, inclusive and sustainable business.

...for a better society
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Illustration of a man using a VR headset
Incubating new tech-driven
growth engines


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Illustration of a group of people walking
A responsible, inclusive and
sustainable business


Everyone is facing a lot of economic uncertainty and small businesses need more help than ever before

Image of three Hope United representatives
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A responsible, inclusive and
sustainable business


To leverage EE’s sponsorship of the Home Nations Football Associations and contribute to BT Group’s target of reaching 25m people by FY 2026, we created Hope United.

Our strategic progress (pdf 1.289kb)

Performance 1 of 2 Financial KPIs

Reported revenue (£m)
Return on capital employed (ROCE)® (%)
Reported capital expenditure (£m)
Adjusteda EBITDA® (£m)
Adjusteda EBITDA margin (%)
Normalised free cash flowc® (£m)
Earnings per shareb (pence)

Performance 2 of 2 Operational KPIs

Total Openreach FTTP connections® (m)
BT Group Net Promoter Score (NPS)® point increase (decrease)
Total 5G connections® (m)
Reduction in carbon emissions intensity® (% reduction)
Cumulative no. of people reached to improve digital skills® (m)
Our key performance indicators (KPIs) (pdf 304kb)

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