Our Terms and Conditions for Box Office

Please take some time to read these terms and conditions as they provide important information about the service.

Please also read our Privacy Policy at bt.com/privacy-policy. It describes how we may use your personal information.


The basics

1. Who we are:

We're British Telecommunications PLC of 1 Braham Street, London, E1 8EE. We’re registered in England with company number 1800000. Everyone knows us as BT.

2. What words mean:

Some of the words and phrases in these terms and conditions have special meanings. Those words are printed in bold wherever they have the special meanings given below.

agreement – the legally binding agreement between you and us for the service. The agreement is made up of the following:

Box Office – TNT Sports Box Office and Sky Sports Box Office.

TNT Sports – TNT Sports Broadcasting Limited registered at Chiswick Park Building 2, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, England, W4 5YB, with company number 13545383.

TNT Sports Box Office – the TNT Sports box office channel(s).

TNT Sports Box Office App – the app where you can watch certain TNT Sports Box Office events once you have registered on the website.

content – the content we provide as part of the service.

event – means a television programme or event offered to you by us on a pay-per-view basis within the service.

Dice Technology Limited means the companies that we contract with in order to provide payment processing services for the service, referred to in these terms and conditions as Endeavour.

pay-per-view - is where you make a one-off payment to view a scheduled event for a defined period of time.

payment – the amount you must pay us for each event that you order.

platform – means the compatible platforms on which you are able to view events that you have purchased. The platforms that are compatible to access TNT Sports Box Office are the BT set-top box, the Sky HD and Sky Q set-top boxes; the TNT Sports Box Office App and the Virgin TiVo or V6 set top boxes via the live events menu on Virgin Media.  Sky Sports Box Office is only available on the BT set-top box.

service – means the Box Office service available in the territory provided by us to you.

Sky Sports Box Office – the Sky Sports Box Office channel(s).

territory – means the United Kingdom.

website – means Box Office webpage at: www.tntsports.co.uk/boxoffice that can visit in order to purchase an event.

3. What are these terms and conditions for?

a. These are the terms and conditions that apply if you want to purchase and view an event offered by us on a pay per view basis via the platform. 

b. If we provide you with another service (for example, EE TV, TNT Sports, BT Mobile or BT Broadband), you'll have a separate agreement for each service. Please read each agreement carefully. Although some of the terms are the same or very similar, each service has important differences.

Important terms:

c.  By signing up for the service you are bound by the terms of this agreement including any changes to them or the service in accordance with this agreement.

d.  The terms that are applicable at the time you purchase an event from the service will be available for you to view at  www.bt.com/legalstuff  

e.  You have the right to cancel your purchase of an event and receive a full refund without giving a reason subject to:

i.   On EE TV – for TNT Sports Box Office and Sky Sports Box Office 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the event if you’re a EE TV customer and purchased the event via your set-top-box, or

ii.   On the TNT Sports Box Office App - 5 hours before the scheduled start time of the event if you purchased the event online via the website or over the phone by calling us.

f.   If you have ordered through your Sky HD set-top box and you do not tune into the scheduled programme you will not be charged.

See clause 6 for more information about this.  

4. Box Office platforms

a.       A TNT Sports Box Office event can be accessed in four different ways via the TNT Sports Box Office platforms:

                   i. BT (only available to EE TV customers);

                   ii. TNT Sports on Sky customers;

                   iii. TNT Sports Box Office App (available to customers who have purchased certain events via the website);

                   iv. Sky (only available to Sky HD or Sky Q set top box customers and;

                   v. Virgin Media (only available to Virgin Media TiVo and V6 customers) and billed by Virgin.

b.       If you are a EE TV customer you can access and purchase a TNT Sports Box Office event automatically by using your EE TV remote control. All payments will be charged to your BT bill. Sky Sports Box Office is also available for EE TV customers.

c.       If you are a TNT Sports on Sky customer you can access and purchase a TNT Sports Box Office event automatically using your Sky remote control, or you can call us or visit the website to make a purchase. All payments will be charged to your BT bill. 

d.        If you’re neither a TNT Sports, Sky nor Virgin customer, you can access and purchase a TNT Sports Box Office event by visiting the website, registering and making a purchase. All payments will be charged to your debit/credit card, unless you’ve opted to pay via your mobile phone and choose to be charged via your mobile phone bill where available. If you purchase the event via the website you will only be able to watch (and not record) the event online or via the TNT Sports Box Office App (where content is available) on one device at any time. 

e.       If you are a Sky customer, you can access an TNT Sports Box Office event on your Sky HD or Sky Q Set Top Box by going to the TNT Sports Box Office website, and when prompted selecting the “Watch on Sky” option. If you have previously purchased an event through the TNT Sports Box Office website and you have consented to BT storing your payment details for the purpose of enabling you to buy an event via your Sky remote control, or if you are a TNT Sports customer on Sky then you can buy using your Sky remote control on your Sky set top box. TNT Sports Box Office events are normally available via the Sky set top box 7 days in advance. If you are not already registered with TNT Sports Box Office, you can register and complete your purchase on the TNT Sports Box Office website. Once you have completed your payment, we will authenticate your viewing card to view the event you have purchased. Please note, all of the terms and conditions which apply to your use of Sky’s services apply in relation to your access to a TNT Sports Box Office Event when using the Sky platform.f.       If you are a Virgin Media customer with a TiVo or V6 Set Top Box, you can access the TNT Sports Box Office event on your Virgin Media TiVo or V6 Set Top Box by going to the Live Events menu and selecting the relevant event. When you purchase the TNT Sports Box Office event via Virgin Media, you are contracting with Virgin Media (and not BT) and any terms and conditions which you enter into with Virgin Media apply. If you have any difficulties accessing the TNT Sports Box Office via Virgin Media, please contact Virgin Media (see help.virginmedia.com for details).

5. Payment


a.       The price for the event will be as stated on the Box Office website or your set-top-box (as applicable depending on your route of purchase), and includes VAT and all other applicable taxes.

b.       Purchases for pay-per-view events can be made by credit or debit card or via charge to bill from your set-top-box or mobile phone bill where available.

c.       By entering credit/debit card details you are confirming that you are the owner of the credit/debit card (i.e. that the card was issued in your name) or that you are authorised by the owner of the credit/debit card to make the purchase.

d.       If you make a purchase using a set top box, you are confirming that you have the account holder’s permission and are authorised by the account holder to make the purchase.  

e.       If you make a purchase using a set-top box, you will be charged for the event within 30 days following the date of the event. If you made a purchase via the website or over the phone your credit/debit card will be charged immediately.

f.        Under this agreement, the payment processing services for the service are provided by Endeavour, on behalf of us, depending on the type of payment method used for the purchase of the service. During the purchase process, you'll need to provide Endeavour with the information needed to collect payments. You authorise Endeavour to collect payments on our behalf and when Endeavour is not able to process a payment, you will not be able to purchase or view an event to which the failed payment relates.

g.       If a processing error is discovered which relates to payment, we will fix the error. If the error resulted in a transaction not being completed on time or in the correct amount, we will be liable for your losses or damages directly and reasonably foreseeably caused by this failure, unless:

i.        Through no fault of either Endeavour or us, you did not have enough available funds to complete the transaction or your issuing bank declined or rejected the payment for a variety of other reasons such as but not limited to; a lost or stolen card, a general decline or an invalid account.

ii        Our system was not working properly and you knew about the breakdown when you started the transaction; or

iii.       Circumstances beyond our control (such as fire or flood or loss of internet connection) prevented the transaction despite our reasonable precautions.

h.        Further to clause 11 below, if a processing error is discovered, we shall not be liable for any financial loss, loss of information, damage to (or corruption of) data or any indirect loss or damage of any kind, whether caused by tort (including negligence) or breach of contract.

i.        We have contracted with Endeavour to provide services that provide you (the subscriber who pays a fee) with the ability to access and view our content. Endeavour's terms of use and privacy policy are available at www.endeavourstreaming.com

j.        Payment for the ability to view our content is made to Endeavour, on our behalf, based upon the subscription plan that you sign up for. The subscription fee will be processed through Endeavour and will be processed in a secure manner by a third party payment services provider retained by Endeavour. Questions concerning payment processing for subscribers in Europe can be addressed via live chat, email at btboxofficesupport@endeavorstreaming.com or Endeavour, located at Endeavor Streaming, Building 6, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, UK, W4 5HR.

k.        Access to the event begins at the advertised start time on the Box Office platform (or any other time that we notify you of in accordance with this agreement).

l.       If you purchase any event over the phone by, calling us, then you may cancel your purchase of that event up to 5 hours before the start time of that event. This cancellation method is only available if you are a Sky customer and have purchased the event for viewing on the Sky platform. EE TV customers must use their set-top-box if they wish to cancel and the cancellation rules in clause 6m below will apply.

m.       If you purchase any event automatically using your BT set-top-box remote control, then you may cancel your purchase of that event up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the event.

n.        If you have ordered through your Sky HD set-top box and you do not tune into the scheduled programme you will not be charged. However if you are a Sky Q customer, and have ordered through your Sky Q set-top box, unless you cancel before the start of the event, you will be charged as all TNT Sports Box Office events are automatically recorded. In either case if you have ordered online or over the phone, you will always be charged for the event, even if you do not watch it.

o.        Events may be rescheduled, cancelled or withdrawn at any time. If an event is rescheduled, cancelled or withdrawn we will advertise the change or cancellation on our channel and the website attempt to notify you.

p.        All prices quoted on the Box Office service constitute an offer of services and:

          i.        if you have made a purchase on our website or over the phone only when we send you an email confirmation will your purchase be final; or

          ii.       if you have made a purchase on your set-top box, only when we display the event that you have purchased in the ‘planner’ of your electronic programme guide on Sky HD or Sky Q or ‘my zone’ section if you are a EE TV customer

will a binding contract exist between us and you for the provision of the event which you have purchased.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

a.       Your use of the service is protected by:

 ∙    laws relating to intellectual property (rights to plans, ideas, or other non-physical assets);

 ∙    these terms and conditions; and

 ∙    any extra terms of use or end-user licence agreement you accept (you won’t have to pay any charges under an end-user licence unless you've agreed to).

b.       We own, or hold a licence for, all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the service. We don’t transfer any rights in any content to you, except where the agreement states otherwise.

c.       If you have to download software to get the service, that software may send us information about your device (including information about what you’re using the device for). We explain the type of information we might collect in our Privacy Policy at bt.com/privacy-policy. By using the software, you're agreeing to our Privacy Policy and that we can send the information.

7. Content available on the platform

a.       You agree and accept that you can only retain and view any recorded Box Office content for, normally, 7 days following the date of the event.  Stopping, pausing or re-starting content will not extend the time limits for viewing that content.

b.       We reserve the right to remove and/or alter the content available via the platform and/or the functionality of the website at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

c.       We will make reasonable efforts to keep the Box Office website operational at all times. However we cannot guarantee that your use of the TNT Sports Box Office website will be uninterrupted or error-free. From time to time we may temporarily suspend or remove the Box Office website for technical, maintenance or operational reasons. 

8. What you mustn't do

a.       You mustn't do, or allow anyone else to do, the following:

 i.        Make unauthorised or unlawful recordings of any content or copy, publish, rent out, reproduce, transmit, alter, interfere with or receive any payment in connection with the relevant software or any content you watch, stream or download from the service. (One exception is what’s allowed under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. You are allowed to record programmes on your set-top box or any other device to watch later.)

iii.       Reproduce any recording made using your set-top box or made from the service.

iv.      Distribute, broadcast or otherwise transfer any content to another person in any way.

v.       Display any part of the service in retail, business or commercial premises or for any business purpose.

vi.      Sell, or charge anyone for watching or using, any part of the service.

vii.      Show any part of the service to an audience in public, even if you don’t charge.

viii.     Try to break any security or content-protection rules relating to the service, or compromise the security of the content or any device used for viewing the service.

ix.       Edit, change, translate or create adaptions or other copies of any content.

x.  Otherwise use any content or any part of it except how the agreement says you can.

b.       You must not access content provided as part of the service on the same account on more than one set-top box, unless we have provided you with an extra set-top box to watch the service in another room.

c.       We may refuse your order for any event and we may also (after we have accepted it) terminate the contract between us in respect of any event (and or any contract between us for any service provided by BT, including but, not limited to EE TV) and take reasonable steps to disable your access to the event or any part of the service without refunding or compensating you if:

              i.        you breach this agreement or the terms of the website;

ii.       we suspect or believe that you’ve committed or may be committing any fraudulent activity against us or against any other person or organisation through your or their use of the service;

iii.       you have acted towards our employees or agents in a way which we reasonably consider to be inappropriate or unacceptable


If something goes wrong

9. What you can do when we don't keep our promises

If you've had a problem with the service, you may have a few legal options. There is more information at adviceguide.org.uk.

10. What we're not responsible for and limits on our liability

a.     If our negligence causes death or personal injury, we accept responsibility and there is no limit to our liability. We also accept responsibility for our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation and for any other liability the law does not allow us to exclude or limit.

b.     We accept responsibility for loss of or damage to your personal property arising from our negligence. We'll pay up to £100,000 in total for any one event or series of connected events arising in any 12-month period.

c.     Apart from responsibility we accept under clauses 11a and 11b, we won't pay you more than £5,000 in total in any 12-month period.

d.     Apart from responsibility we accept under clauses 11a and 11b, we’re not responsible to you for the following.  


i. Any delay or failure caused by something beyond our reasonable control. This could be things such as lightning, flood, severe weather, fire, explosion, terrorist activities, epidemic, riots, war, anything done by a government or other public authority, or strikes or other industrial action.

ii. You breaking the agreement.

iii. Any loss caused by you using the service in a way that breaks the agreement.

iv. Any commercial or business loss.

v. Any loss or damage caused by malware (for example, viruses) or the unauthorised use of the service on any of your devices.

vi. Any loss of, corruption of or release of data or information.

vii. You using any equipment or hardware we haven't supplied.

viii. Losses which we couldn’t reasonably have expected or considered when entering into the agreement.

e.     we’re not responsible for the loss of anything you've recorded (or have scheduled to record) if:

 ∙    you get your set-top box repaired;

 ∙    we ask you to return your set-top box to be replaced;

 ∙    we upgrade, update or replace any software on your set-top box; or

 ∙    the recordings are automatically deleted, either to free up storage space on your set-top box or because the recordings have been on your set-top box for a long       period of time.

f.     we're not responsible under the agreement if the content is suspended, interrupted or not available to you because of problems with the internet        connection or network coverage. If you're having trouble with your broadband, take a look at the separate agreement for that service.

11. Promotions, advertising and links to other websites

a.    If you deal with advertisers on the service, or join in with their promotions, we’re not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that happens as a result of those dealings, or generally as a result of third-party services available through the service.

b.    The TNT Sports Box Office website may link to other websites or content not owned or run by us. We're not responsible for the availability of or content on those sites.

12. Changing the agreement

We will not change or add to the terms of the agreement for any event after you have ordered it. If we want to make changes to the agreement for future events, we will tell you, for example by publishing the new terms of the agreement on your set-top box or by sending you a separate notice in the manner set out in clause 14.

13. How to get in touch with us and how we'll contact you

a.    We'll send you any written notice by email or by posting it to the address we have for you. We'll send you other notices by voicemail, text message or other forms of electronic message. We’ll assume you get letters in the post two working days after we send them. We'll send all paper bills and notices to your address. It's your responsibility to read the notices we send you.

b.    If you’re a EE TV customer and you’d like to talk to us about the service you can phone us on 0800 111 4567; if you’re a Sky customer and you’d like to talk to us about the service you can phone us on 0800 876 6980. 

14. Parental controls

a. Some content might not be suitable for children. You’re responsible for making sure content is suitable for people in your household.

b. You're responsible for setting parental controls or any other controls available for the service and keeping them up to date. When parental controls are on, we block websites or content that we (or our supplier) think might be unsafe or unsuitable. Our supplier sorts and blocks the sites and content. We’re not responsible for how they categorise websites or content, or for whether you’ll always have access to unblocked sites.

15. Sorting out complaints

a. From time to time you might need to contact us about a problem you're having with the the service. Our Customer Complaints Code explains how to do that. You can read the code at bt.com/complaintscode, or ask us to send you a copy.

b. We'll try our best to settle any complaint you might have about the service. If we can't, you might be able to refer the matter to a dispute-resolution service to get an independent opinion. You’ll find details of how to do this in our Customer Complaints Code.

c. If we cannot agree a solution with you within eight weeks of getting your complaint, or before the eight weeks is up we agree in writing that the dispute should be settled by an independent adjudicator, you can refer it to Communications Ombudsman. You can find out more on their website at https://www.commsombudsman.org/ or by phoning 0330 440 1614. The Ombudsman’s service is free.

16. Transferring the agreement

The agreement is only between you and us. You cannot transfer it to anyone else, or to try to do so. We can transfer the agreement, and our rights and obligations under it, to anyone else (including if we reorganise the way we work), as long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on your rights.

17. Other things we need to tell you

a. Only you and we can take action under the agreement. Nobody else can enforce it or benefit from it (except in line with clause 17).

b. If any part of the agreement cannot be enforced, the rest of it will still apply.

c. We might record calls (including marketing calls) to help us with training and to prevent identity fraud.

d. The agreement is made under English and Welsh law. Any disputes you and we cannot settle can only be decided in English and Welsh courts, unless:

i.   you live in Scotland, in which case Scottish law applies and Scottish courts will settle disputes; or

ii    you live in Northern Ireland, in which case the law of Northern Ireland applies and the courts of Northern Ireland will settle disputes.