Hybrid Connect Terms and Conditions

What is the Hybrid Connect add-on and how does it work?

1.     What is Hybrid Connect? Hybrid Connect is our hybrid broadband connection that combines the BT Fibre Broadband with the EE 4G mobile network. The Hybrid Connect device is provided to connect to the EE 4G mobile network if required.

2.     Who is eligible for Hybrid Connect? You can get Hybrid Connect if you are a new customer buying BT Fibre Broadband or an existing customer re-grading a fibre or full fibre package.

3.     Does my Hybrid Connect device depend on the 4G coverage in my area? The Hybrid Connect device will only work where you have 4G coverage in your area and its performance will be dependent on it working in the home. The service might also vary depending on where you are and what network equipment we have in that area. Our coverage checker at bt.com/coverage-checker, gives an estimate of what coverage is available, but we can't guarantee it's always accurate or up to date. Hybrid Connect provides speeds up to 30Mb.

4.     How does it work? If you don’t already have one, we send you a Smart Hub 2 and a new Hybrid Connect device, which you need to set up and keep plugged in. The Hybrid Connect device contains a SIM with unlimited data. The Smart Hub 2 connects to the Hybrid Connect device, so if your broadband connection ever goes down, you will stay connected using the EE 4G mobile network.

5.     Who owns the Smart Hub 2 and Hybrid Connect device? BT owns all equipment sent to you, and allows you to use the Smart Hub 2 and Hybrid Connect device for as long as you have the Hybrid Connect service. If you leave the Hybrid Connect service or the agreement is terminated you must return all equipment provided, as detailed in point 10 below.

6.     When will I be connected? If you’re a new broadband customer or a home mover, you’ll be able to connect as soon as you receive your Hybrid Connect device. This means you don’t have to wait for your broadband to be installed.  

7.      What happens if my broadband goes down? The Hybrid Connect device kicks in and keeps you connected. BT keep an eye on your broadband connection 24/7, so if there’s a problem, the Smart Hub 2 detects the issue and connects you to the EE 4G mobile network using the Hybrid Connect device. When switching from a fixed broadband network to the EE 4G mobile network there may be a delay of up to two to three minutes.

8.     Is there a minimum contract term for Hybrid Connect? The Hybrid Connect service rolls over every 30 days from the date of purchase. You will be charged automatically each month unless you cancel. If you want to leave the service, you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice.

9.     What happens if I leave Hybrid Connect? If you no longer have Fibre Broadband (for example, if you move to another BT Broadband product not on Fibre or to another provider), you won’t be able to get Hybrid Connect. You’ll lose this on the last day you have Broadband with us.  

10.  What happens to my Hybrid Connect equipment? If you leave the Hybrid Connect service or the agreement is terminated, you must return the Smart Hub 2 and the Hybrid Connect device to us. If the kit is not returned, you will be subject to a non-return equipment charge, (details of charging can be found on the Tariff Guide). You have a total of 60 days to return your items, which includes the time taken for us to send out a jiffy bag. If you prefer, you may also drop your items off in store (see BT.com/returns for more details).

11.  Are there any services that don’t work on the Hybrid Connect? Most of the services that run over the broadband network at home will work (e.g. internet browsing, streaming, smart TVs, ring doorbells etc). However, Digital Voice, our new home phone service, doesn’t work when the customer is connected using the Hybrid Connect device, (see BT.com/terms/digitalvoice for more details).  EE TV will also have a limited service – the free-to-air channels will work but any EE TV channels (like TNT Sports) will only work via the app and not on the set top box.


Everything Else

12.  The Hybrid Connect service doesn’t affect your statutory rights or any other legal rights that you may have. 

13.  If we add additional benefits to Hybrid Connect we may amend these terms to reflect these new benefits. We will publish the amended terms here at https://www.bt.com/legalstuff.

14.  The parental controls set for your Smart Hub 2 will also apply for your Hybrid Connect.

15.  The Hybrid Connect is designed to be used only when your fixed BT Fibre broadband connection is unavailable. If you are using it in a way different to its intended use, we reserve the right to take action which may restrict your service.

16.  These terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms of your service (available at bt.com/legalstuff).