BT Sport supports Green Football Weekend campaign, which aims to encourage fans to reduce their carbon footprint. 

To highlight the pressing issue of climate change, the campaign, which is being backed by more than 25 organisations, is highlighting the impact that supporters can have in reducing emissions. 

According to research published by The Yorkshire Post, the Energy Savings Trust, USwitch and the Office for National Statistics, the 26.5 million fans who watched England play Croatia on TV in the 2018 World Cup could reduce their CO2 impact by a combined total of 900 million kilograms over the course of the 2022 World Cup by:

  • Halving their shower time from eight minutes to four minutes a day

  • Having two vegetarian days per week

  • Turning their thermostat down by one degree
Clubs, fans and the wider footballing community will together take action to tackle climate change during Green Football Weekend

That figure of 900 million kgs is equivalent to taking roughly half of Leeds' more than 400,000 cars off the road during the World Cup. 

If fans decided to adopt the three measures above for an entire year, the CO2 reductions made would be more than 11 billion kgs, roughly equal to taking all London's cars off the road for 12 months, as well as cutting individual household bills by a total of £728. 

The Green Football Weekend will take place in early February, with more than 80 professional clubs in the UK and their fans taking part as supporters look to score "Green Goals" for their team to win the Green Football Cup. 

Clubs will be making their games greener by improving on-site recycling, serving vegetarian food and supporting sustainable travel to games, while schools and community groups will be marking Green Football Weekend with special activities, and high-profile players will be encouraging fans to contribute towards Green Goals for their clubs. 

“Our support for Green Football Weekend continues BT Sport’s journey to be a sustainable broadcaster”
- Fergus Garber, BT Sport

Brentford centre-back Ben Mee said: "Our footballing community has the incredible power to help protect our pitches, our air, our world, just by taking simple green actions at home.

"There are so many small ways fans can take green actions - at home, at work, at their local football clubs – and every small action fans take adds up to making a massive difference. I’m so proud to see the world of football, from fans to clubs to local leagues, coming together to have fun and protect our world."

BT Sport director of production Fergus Garber said: "Our support for Green Football Weekend continues BT Sport’s journey to be a sustainable broadcaster.

"We are looking forward to joining with Green Football Weekend's other partners and broadcasters to help combat the climate emergency, and plan to bring fans plenty of fun and thought-provoking moments across Green Football Weekend. We encourage football fans to get involved in Green Football Weekend."

Tottenham Hotspur Women defender Amy Turner said: "Green Football Weekend is fan action at its most powerful. It’s fans who can lead their club to victory in the Green Football Cup, and fans showing the world what millions of us coming together can do. We’ve achieved amazing things when we’ve joined forces before - now it’s time to unleash the power of football to tackle climate change."