With the new Premier League season starting this weekend, BT Sport is continuing to give its customers more ways to watch than ever before with the launch of original new features on its award-winning app.

The introduction of Manager Mode and Hype Mode - as well as a brand-new timeline feature for large screen devices - will provide an unparalled viewing experience as we bid to break new ground in the world of sports broadcasting.


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Manager Mode

The BT Sport app will provide an enhanced version of its popular Manager Mode feature on both small and large screen devices.

The revolutionary functionality - launched last season as part of our suite of Matchday Experience offerings - gives customers unique insights on the action in real time. 

The upgraded Manager Mode feature includes an updated mini map showing both teams’ real-time formations, plus key data such as player touches and time spent in the opposition's half.

Individual speed data will be visible for key players involved in a phase of play, providing viewers with data-led insight as the game progresses.

Hype Mode

Our new Hype Mode feature provides a fresh and entertaining broadcast experience never before seen in the UK.

Geared towards children and adults alike, it features fun, action-themed on-screen descriptions to provide a revolutionary new way of enjoying live football.

The on-screen descriptions highlight key plays, shot tracers lined with graphics such as blazes of fire, player runs augmented with smoke trails, and larger-than-life on-pitch graphics to denote shot speeds.

Jamie Hindhaugh, chief operating officer, BT Sport, said: “Hype Mode is a first of its kind innovation in the UK around live football broadcast that will provide a new viewing experience for children and families, while maintaining the integrity of the competitions we cover.

“Meanwhile, customers who have enjoyed our award-winning enhanced player on small screens can now enjoy a completely new viewing experience on large screens too, giving them a new way of viewing sport on TV.

“Today’s launches are the latest to come from BT Sport Innovates, our new home of industry-leading innovation.” 

In addition, customers can enjoy a new ‘timeline’ feature on consoles, smart TVs and other large screen platforms, which gives viewers a new way to watch live sport on TV*.

The new features allow customers watching on TV via the app to access an interactive timeline for each match to keep abreast of key moments and incidents. The feature allows you to re-watch key moments and move seamlessly back to the live action, and is available in up to 4K HDR quality.

The timeline features will be available around events such as the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. While viewers have been able to use a timeline on mobiles and tablets for several seasons as part of the app’s enhanced player, this is the first time that they will be able to enjoy an improved viewing experience on large screens. 

*The timeline feature will launch on Xbox and Apple TV in due course but will not be available on Samsung 2015/16 Smart TVs

The following existing BT Sport customers do not have access to the app on large screen devices: EE customers with only small screen app access (mobile/tablet); BT Business customers; customers who only take BT Mobile; Virgin Media TV BT Sport customers; those who subscribe to BT Sport directly from Sky.

The BT Sport app is not available on Sky TV, BT TV and Virgin Media TV.