BT Sport marked Black History Month throughout October with a special slate of nightly programming celebrating, amplifying and honouring the sporting contributions of some of the most iconic athletes in history.

We revisited stories from the world of football, tennis, basketball, baseball and more as we continued our pledge to create a truly inclusive environment and society.

BT Sport also celebrated the life of the legendary Arthur Wharton who was the first black professional footballer in the world.

To commemorate 155 years of Wharton, a mural artwork commissioned by BT Sport was unveiled in Darlington

Danny Howes, marketing manager for BT who helped organise the mural, said: “I’m a supporter of the Arthur Wharton Foundation. I was aware of Shaun Campbell and his work in regards to the erection of the statue in St George’s Park, as part of the Black History Month celebrations in focus in BT, I decided to reach out to Shaun because I believe my colleagues in BT would be interested in hearing about Arthur Wharton's story.

“So I contacted Shaun about five weeks ago on Twitter met him down at the Foundation and realised quite quickly that there was an opportunity for BT to get involved.

"So, we pulled together some details and sent them to BT Sport and they were all in, basically, and here we are.”