Joe Joyce and Joseph Parker trade leather for the WBO interim heavyweight world title tonight with both men looking to underline their championship ambitions by securing a vital victory at the AO Arena in Manchester.

It's being billed as a true 50-50 contest between two of the toughest men in the heavyweight division, pitting the indomitable Joyce against the granite-chinned Parker as the number one and two in the WBO rankings.

Joyce vs Parker: Nowhere to run

Two of the toughest men in the heavyweight division clash for the interim world title tonight. Book your seat now for Joyce vs Parker, exclusively live on BT Sport Box Office HD from 6pm.

There's so much at stake under the bright lights in one of the UK's most iconic fighting arenas with the victor eyeing the chance to secure the next shot at the incumbent WBO champion.

But who will win when Olympic silver medallist Joyce takes on former world champ Parker? We gathered the thoughts from some of the biggest night in British boxing ahead of a cracking night of fights, exclusively live on BT Sport Box Office HD.

Frank Warren

"Joe is relentless and he comes forward all the time. I'm hoping he's going to break down Joseph Parker, I think the engine that he's got, the fact that he's a Juggernaut, I think he'll get on top of him and wear him down."


David Haye

"This fight depends on how much punishment these fighters can absorb. It sounds crazy but both fighters have the punch power to hurt or stun the other. But who has got the biggest heart, who has got the will, who has got the dedication and desire to hear that final bell and get their hand raised? It's going to come down to heart, fitness and who wants it most."

Amanda Serrano

"They're both great guys and they're both big heavyweights. With heavyweights you just never know!"


Anthony Crolla

"When you talk about Joe Joyce, you're talking about one of the most underrated fighters in boxing. I'm going Joyce on points - there's a possibility of a very late stoppage but I'm going with Joyce on points.

Ricky Hatton

"It really is a 50/50 fight and I think it's the perfect fight for where both boys are at this stage in their career. I can't see this disappointing. It will either be Joseph Parker on points or Joe Joyce by a late stoppage - and he might be behind on points when he stops him."


Raven Chapman

"I have Joyce and I hope Joyce does it, one of our hometown lads. But I know it's going to be a tough night for Joyce, we know what he is all about but Parker has very good movement having been up with the Fury camp."


Andy Lee

"If you look at the two boxers and judged them on ability, skill, ring generalship, I'd say Joseph Parker is leagues above Joe Joyce. The way I see the fight playing out is Joe [Parker] boxes him and wins a very clear decision."


Nathan Heaney

"It's a great fight but I can't see how Parker keeps Joyce off. I play this game and there's thing thing called 'The Juggernaut' and you have to kill it with a million bullets before it dies. That's essentially what Joe Joyce is. He is The Juggernaut."

Johnny Fisher

"For me, Joe Joyce's engine, his durability, his experience and his toughness, as well as what he's learned with Ismael Salas, that's what is going to get him the win in this fight."


Ismael Salas

"For sure, I am telling you we will win this fight. We will go four to five round and Joe Joyce will take him out."


Anthony Yarde

"I just think right now, Joe Joyce is a steam train, his confidence is very high. But Parker is a sharp shooter. I don't think I've ever seen Joe Joyce wobbled in a fight and he's been hit by big punches, he's been hit clean. That's what wears down his opponents."


Tyson Fury

"I think it's going to be a hell of a fight and may the best man win but I'm edging towards my man Joe Parker by unanimous decision or late stoppage."

Carl Frampton

"I have been sitting on the fence … I think if I had a pound I’d put it on a draw. I think it’s going to be that close – but if you ask me for a winner, just about edge Parker on points.”


Eddie Hearn

“I don’t know what happens in that fight. I think Joe Joyce may be a slight favourite, but it’s an interesting fight.”


Ben Shalom

“Joe Joyce is hard for anyone to beat because of his physical attributes, and I think they [Parker’s team] are more saying when it comes to a skilled fighter, mover, boxer, then Joseph Parker probably is a different level. But, Joe Joyce is that big, that strong, that tough – that’s what makes it a very interesting fight and I believe it’s a 50/50 fight.”


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