It was a brilliant show in Manchester for Joyce vs Parker last Saturday. There were some brilliant contests all throughout the night, really good fights. The crowd loved it, the main event I thought was excellent.


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To watch Joe Joyce fight live, you get a completely different perspective on his physicality and what makes him so hard to deal with.

He's a big guy and people underestimate his jab. His jab was much better than Joseph Parker's, he threw some great body shots, mixed his attacks up with variety. He gets caught, we all know that, but Parker got caught a few times too! It was that type of fight - a bloody good one!

I thought Joyce made it clear from very early on in that fight that there wasn't much Parker could do to beat him.

He came out fast and tried to dominate from the beginning. I thought it might be the other way round. But he jumped on Parker with that jab and he was pushing him around, pushing him back. I think he took Parker completely out of his comfort zone and knocked him out of his stride.

What Joe has achieved so far is fantastic. He's improved with every fight he's had - you have to remember, that was only his 15th fight as a pro and he was going in against a guy who's got 28 knockouts and was a former world champion, never been stopped.

It just showed that class Joyce has now. Tyson Fury said on Instagram this week that he thinks Joyce is the number two heavyweight on the planet and I think I agree with him.

You'd fancy him against Anthony Joshua all day long - and I fancy him against Oleksandr Usyk too!

In terms of what's next for Joe, he'll have another fight early in the New Year to keep himself ticking along and then he will definitely fight for a world title.

Hopefully Tyson gets it on with Usyk and then there will be some mandatories due after that. If the winner of the undisputed unification subsequently vacates, Joyce becomes a world champion anyway, so he's in the perfect spot right now.

I've been seeing a lot of buzz around potentially making Joyce vs Deontay Wilder in the future.

That is a stadium fight here in the UK which would be absolutely brilliant. Wilder is fighting Robert Helenius in two weeks and I know his manager, Shelley Finkel, very well so let's see what happens after the fight. We'll have a chat about it. I'm not sure they will be chomping at the bit to face Joyce after this weekend - but you can only ask!

Wilder is such a big puncher, truly phenomenal power. It would end up coming down to a battle of wills between the two of them but I would fancy Joe to come through that and get to Wilder.

We've got some other brilliant things lined up on the horizon too including - hopefully! - some big fight news for Tyson and a world title shot for another of our lads at Queensberry.

Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!