Tyson looked brilliant, didn’t he? It was such an exciting fight.

I knew we were in for a great fight almost from the first bell. I said all along that if Deontay Wilder came out to try and have a real go and control the fight, unlike last time, then it would be a proper shootout.


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I still probably expected Tyson to stop him inside five rounds and it ended up going 11 but it was what I thought it would be: a shootout.

There were some skills in there at times from Tyson when he used his jab but other times, it was just brutal wasn’t it? It was both of them basically just slugging it out. It was an epic fight and that is down to both of them. It takes two to make a fight like that so Wilder did well.

Malik Scott [Wilder's trainer] clearly had devised a game plan for Wilder and when he came out throwing those shots to the body early on, you knew what he was trying to do.

He wanted Tyson to drop his hands and you could see him waiting to launch that big right hand over the top, he’s a dangerous sod. It was just an amazing fight, the most amazing heavyweight fight I’ve ever seen live, that’s for sure.

Deontay Wilder celebrating in the ring

I felt Tyson was very comfortable until that fourth round. Wilder is dangerous.

I thought Tyson was going to stop him the third round when he had him down but in the fourth he got clipped twice and I thought ‘bloody hell, if he gets one more, they’re going to stop the fight!’. I watched it back when I got home and you can see Tyson was right annoyed with himself that he got caught.

That was a 10-7 round. Tyson had a 10-8 round prior to that. I think the first round went to Wilder and second round to Tyson so it was pretty even around that point.

But after that I think Tyson controlled it, although Wilder was still dangerous and the last couple of rounds he was just fighting on instinct. He was just keeping on going, trying to throw those bombs. You can’t take away from how game he was.

Tyson Fury after dropping Deontay Wilder in the ring

Shelley Finkel, Wilder’s manager, is a good friend of mine, we speak all the time. I didn’t get a chance to see him or speak to him after the fight though.

Tyson went off clubbing, if he had any hair, he would have let it down! We went back to the hotel, about 10 of us, and had some champagne to celebrate and wind down.

I just wanted to get the fight done and dusted and get home!

Tyson Fury's record

This has to go down as one of the best heavyweight trilogies of all time. Every fight was a good fight, they were all entirely different from one another. And Tyson performed magnificently in all three.

As a trilogy, I think it’s actually probably the best. Muhammad Ali had his trilogy with Joe Frazier but people forget one of those fights was a bit of a bore.

Tyson Fury holding the WBC heavyweight belt

Tyson is the best heavyweight of his generation.

He beat the best heavyweight who was around and that was Wladimir Klitschko, went to Germany to do it in front of Klitschko’s own fans. Then he’s been to the States three times, in Wilder’s back yard, and done what he’s had to do. No British fighter has ever done that, none, ever.

As a heavyweight, for me, he would be there or thereabouts in any generation. Look at his size, his reach, his hand speed.

Look at Muhammad Ali, he’s one of the greatest ever, I loved watching him. He had great hand speed but he wasn’t as big as Tyson, he wasn’t a massive puncher although he stopped people with combinations. That would have been an interesting fight.

Look at George Foreman, who was so powerful. Those big clubbing punches he threw took it out of him though in the latter rounds he would gas a bit. How would Tyson do against him?

Joe Frazier? Size-wise, he’d be massive against Frazier.

We obviously will never see those fights but if you could go back and make those fights, there’s some you’ve really got to fancy Tyson in.

Tyson Fury knocking out Deontay Wilder to win the fight

Tyson doesn’t get enough credit for his athleticism. He’s got incredible natural stamina and endurance, he is such an athlete.

You look at him outside the ring and you’d never think in a million years, would you? But once you get him inside the ropes, he’s a different beast. And he’s so adaptable.

Those three fights against Wilder were all different types of fights. Then you look at the Klitschko fight, he boxed his head off. Tyson is adaptable. He’s got everything.

Wilder, at the time Fury fought him, was the best heavyweight out there. Six years he was the champion. Everybody he fought, bar one, he knocked them out. Nobody could take his power apart from Tyson.

Because he’s dangerous and he’s not got a bad chin himself - he took some lumps on Saturday - he’s got a style that will always make a great fight against a guy like Tyson.

Other than Tyson, Wilder would beat every other heavyweight out there. What would he have done to Joshua? He would frighten the life out of him. But that fight will have taken a lot out of Wilder.

If I was him, I’d retire now he’s got a nice few quid. What does he need to fight on for?

Deontay Wilder on his stool during the Tyson Fury fight

We’ll probably start having conversations with Tyson about what he wants to do next sometime in the next few weeks.

I saw Tyson talking about fighting at Old Trafford on Instagram but if he wants to fight again in February or March, that’s not going to happen next because of the weather and the football season.

There’s talk of Dillian Whyte being ordered as his mandatory. I look at Whyte against Dereck Chisora and there was nothing in that first fight. Then I remember when Chisora was with me, Tyson absolutely did a job on him, Dereck never won a second of any round. That’s the form I look at if that ever happens.

Whyte has to get through Wallin first, there are lots of things going on before that, so we’ll see what happens. At the end of the day, it will be up to Tyson. He’s the guy that’s got to get in the ring so we’ll see what he wants to do.