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BT Broadband Accelerator

BT Broadband Accelerator filters out interference from your home phone wiring to help you go faster. There's one free for every BT Total Broadband customer if you order it here – and you only need to pay for the postage. Find out if it will work for you below.

Great news – you could increase your speed!

Order your Broadband Accelerator today and you could typically increase your speed by up to 1.5Mb.


  • We can only send orders to the address where you have your BT Total Broadband.
  • Please enter this address and the landline phone number for your broadband when ordering.
  • We'll use these details to check you are a BT Total Broadband customer. If you don't have BT Total Broadband, order broadband now or buy the Accelerator via the BT Shop.

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