Video Baby Monitor device troubleshooting

Why is the Parent unit not making any sounds even though there's noise from my baby's room? 

  • Please ensure both units are plugged into the mains or that the Parent unit is fully charged
  • The speaker may either be on mute or the volume is too low to hear 
  • The Parent unit may be out of range of the baby unit; if this is the case, the parent unit will beep to let you know. In this scenario, please move the units closer to one another, but keep them at least one metre apart to avoid interference
  • Large metal objects and other electrical devices can impact the signal. Try relocating any object that could be causing interference


My Parent / Baby unit isn't working, what should I do?

  • Please ensure the Parent unit is fully charged or plugged into the mains
  • Ensure both Parent unit and Baby unit are switched on
  • Move the Parent unit closer to the Baby unit (large metal objects or other electrical devices may affect the signal between the two units)
  • Switch the Baby unit off, wait for about 15 seconds and then switch back on again 


Why is my Parent unit beeping?

The Parent unit only beeps when: 

  • The Baby unit is switched off and there is no connection to the Parent unit
  • The units are too far apart; please move them closer to one another (but not closer than one metre)
  • The battery on the Parent unit is low; please plug the unit into the mains


Why can I hear a high-pitched noise?

A high-pitched noise is likely to have been caused by the units being too close to each other. We recommend that you keep the units at least one metre apart and preferably in different rooms. 


Why can't I hear any sound but the lights are flashing?

  • The speaker volume may be muted on the Parent unit. This would be indicated by the muted speaker icon on the display 
  • The Parent unit may need to be restarted. Press and hold the Power button until red bar appears on screen 
  • Switch the Baby unit back on after 15 seconds

If you are still having issues, please contact us


The sound activated screen feature is not working 

Please check the feature is enabled. To do this:

  1. Press MENU
  2. Press >
  3. Press dB
  4. Ensure the feature is enabled by the tick icon

If this the feature enabled, please ensure the Parent unit’s screen is enabled to turn on and off automatically. To do this: 

  1. Press MENU
  2. Press
  3. Press the Play/Pause icon
  4. Press OK
  5. Use ^ or ˅ to select 1, 3, or 5 minutes and press OK 

If you are still having issues, please contact us


Why don't I seem to get a very good range? 

The range is the maximum distance the Baby unit and the Parent unit can have between them and still work together. BT Video Baby Monitors are tested to ensure they have a range of up to 50 metres indoors and 250 metres outdoors.

These ranges can only be achieved in ideal conditions when there is a clear line of sight between the Baby and Parent unit. Any obstruction between the units will reduce the range significantly.

Factors that may impact the range include:

  • The construction of the building in which with the units are placed, e.g. wall material, thickness and dampness. For instance, thick stone walls can severely affect range
  • The amount of walls between the Baby and Parent unit 
  • Electrical equipment or large metal items located near the Baby and Parent units, such as TVs, PCs, modems/routers, microwaves. These should be placed at least one metre away from the units to avoid interference

If you are still having issues, please contact us


Why am I receiving interference on my Baby monitor? 

You may experience interference due to:

  • Electrical equipment or large metal items located near the Baby and Parent units, such as TVs, PCs, modems/routers, microwaves. These should be placed at least one metre away from the units to avoid interference
  • Multiple walls between the Baby and Parent units. Make sure that the distance between the units are obscured by as few walls as possible. 

If you are still having issues, please contact us


Why do the batteries on my Parent unit keep running low? 

The age of the product and the amount it's been used can impact the Parent unit's battery life. 

When new and fully charged, the Parent units are capable of providing a minimum battery time of four hours. Battery performance can diminish over time, usually after 12 months. If you believe the performance of your battery is too short, for the time that you have been using it, please contact us

Please note that our products have been designed to ensure they cannot be tampered with, and contain non replaceable batteries. Any attempt to replace the battery will void the warranty on the product. 


How do I re-link my camera?

To re-link the Baby unit camera to the Parent unit camera: 

  1. Press MENU when the Parent unit is in camera viewing mode 
  2. Select the Camera + Icon
  3. Press the + UP / - DOWN button to select a number to assign it to and confirm with OK
  4. Hold the LINK button on the rear of the camera until the unit beeps and the image from the camera appears on the screen


There is an issue with my camera, can I reset it?

It is possible to restore the camera to its default settings. To do so, hold down the LINK button located on the back of the camera for 20 seconds; the unit will beep to signify this has completed.

Please note that you may need to re-link the camera to the Parent unit. In order to do that see FAQ 'How do I relink my camera?' (above)


Why is the display on the Parent unit not showing anything?

  • The Parent unit may be on standby mode - please press the POWER button once to activate the display
  • Please ensure the Parent unit is plugged in and fully charged - the charging/battery light on the bottom left of the unit should be lit up blue 
  • Try holding down the POWER button
  • If the Parent unit screen is showing the menu and usual icons but you do not see an image from the Baby unit, please ensure the Baby unit is plugged in and the units are in range 

If you are still having issues, please contact us


How do I know if my camera is paired? 

If your camera is paired, the image from the camera should be displayed on screen. The camera icon should appear on the top left or right of the screen. 

If the camera image is not displaying, try switching both Baby and Parent units off and trying again. 

If you are still having issues, please see the FAQ 'How do I re-link my camera?' (above). Alternatively, please contact us


Can I use this product outside of the UK & Ireland?

The Video Baby Monitor product should be purchased primarily for UK & Ireland usage as replacement parts can only be dispatched to an address within these countries. 

As this product meets EU standards, it can be used within EU countries only, but please be aware that the warranty of this product is only valid in the UK or Ireland and replacement parts cannot be dispatched to your address.


Can I link my (2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000) model monitor with my Smart (2.8”/5”) monitor? 

Although the models look similar in appearance, they are not compatible and will not link together.


Can I switch off or dim the amber light on the Baby unit?

The amber light on the camera cannot be switched off or dimmed but covering this light should not impact how it functions.


Can I purchase replacement Parent units?

It may be possible to get a repair or purchase this item via one of BT’s recommended out of warranty chargeable spares/repairs below:


H B Technologies Ltd

Tel: 0844 557 7789



Discom LTD

Tel: 0800 980 8999



Please ensure the correct Parent unit has been sourced for the model you currently own.


To pair the units please see FAQ 'How do I relink my camera?' (above).


Can I use a second Video Baby Monitor in the same premises?

Environmental factors – distance between units, other equipment within the home, etc. can potentially cause wireless interference. Every customer’s home is different, therefore as a result we unfortunately cannot guarantee that, should you purchase a second monitor, these will not be subject to interference.


Can I use the BT Smart Controls with my VBM6000, 5000, 4000, 3000, 2000?

No, you can only use this with our Smart Video Baby Monitor products - they are available here.


The temperature on my Baby Monitor is different to my temperate guage, is there a problem with my monitor?

The temperature is an indication and is + / - 2 degrees and may vary compared with other devices. 

If the temperature is not appearing or shows as 0°C/32°F on the display of your parent unit, it may indicate a loose temperature sensor. Please get in touch with our helpdesk to discuss a replacement unit. 


How do I clean the camera?

You can clean the camera using a soft dry cloth or a microfiber cloth for the lens. Don't use abrasive or chemical liquids.


How do I mount the camera on the wall?

To properly mount the camera on the wall, follow the below steps:

  • Select appropriate screws for your wall (these are not supplied with the product). Make sure the screws fit through the holes on the bottom of your camera
  • Drill holes to the same depth as the wall plugs and insert suitable wall plugs for the type of wall. Screw in the screws through the base of your camera
  • Mount the camera base to the screws 


To avoid interference, don't place the camera close to your router or other electrical equipment. Always check there are no wires, pipes or obstructions in the wall where you intend to fix the screws.

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