Where are the best places for my Whole Home Wi-Fi discs?

The Whole Home Wi-Fi app gives location tips and lets you test different locations for your discs.

In general you want to position your discs approximately halfway between the first disc and the area you are looking to give Wi-Fi coverage.

Safety instructions and care

Installation and location

  • For indoor use only
  • Position all parts, including power adapters, away from heat and sun (for example away from radiators, window sills or other electrical equipment that can get hot)
  • Keep area ventilated (for example don’t put in cupboards or behind sofas) and don’t block any vents with objects or thick carpets
  • Keep cables out of young children's reach
  • Only use power adapters provided by BT for this specific device. Contact the BT helpdesk if you need a replacement
  • Electronic devices hate liquids; don’t place devices and power adapters where it's damp or near sources of water or splashes
  • Product may cause scratches or marks if placed on fragile surfaces (for example veneered wood or delicate fabrics). Place on a mat if needed
  • Designed for use at room temperatures between 0 and 40°C

Care and maintenance

  • Dust with a soft dry cloth - don’t use water or solvent
  • Regularly check that objects don’t cover any parts or any vents that could cause overheating


  • If your devices or power adapters appear damaged, stop using them immediately. Switch off your electrical socket if it's safe to do so and contact the BT helpdesk
  • Don’t attempt to open your devices or power adapters. There are no serviceable parts and opening them poses a risk of electrical shock
  • This device has been evaluated for and shown to be compliant with European Guidelines when installed and operated with a minimum distance of 20cm

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