BT Whole Home Wi-Fi FAQs - Firmware


How can I check for firmware updates?

  1. From the app, select Settings and then Firmware Update
  2. The current firmware version number is displayed together with the 'Last Updated' time and date. Select Check for Updates
  3. If an update is available there will be an option to Update Firmware. Select this and follow the instructions

Please make sure all your discs are switched on and connected before attempting to update the firmware.


Are firmware updates automatic?

Yes, the default setting is for 'Automatic Updates' for firmware upgrades, but you also have the option to turn 'Automatic Updates' off, or to manually set your preferred time for the automatic updates.

Firmware updates will automatically install between 1am and 5am, but you can choose the start time of a four hour window, so the firmware can be installed at a more convenient time.

These changes can be made via the 'Settings' tab and by selecting Firmware Updates. Please note you'll lose connection to your wi-fi network when firmware is updating.


I'm being prompted to update my disc firmware. Why do I need to do this?

If you get this prompt, your firmware needs updating, so please update it. It's because there’s new firmware available, which will enable all the features in the latest version of the app.

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