What are Groups for and how can I set-up a group?

  • Groups - This feature lets you place a number of devices in a group making it easier to manage. For example, a “Kid’s Devices” group could include all your children’s devices (such as a phone, laptop, games console). You can then control the group with a few taps, for example apply a bedtime schedule or temporarily pause the internet
  • Set-up a group - To create a group select the Devices tab from the toolbar then Add a Group, choose a name for your group and press Next. You'll then see a list of all the devices that are connected, or that have been connected to your Whole Home Wi-Fi network previously.  Select the devices you want to add and press Save. You can create up to five groups
  • Edit a group - Once created, the group can be edited at any time from the Devices tab option on the toolbar. Select the group and then you can rename it, add or remove devices, or delete the group when it's no longer required

See the video below on simple set-up of groups:

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