What are Access Controls and how do I turn internet access on or off?

Access Controls – puts you in control of your home network, giving you the flexibility to pause your Wi-Fi for individual devices, or groups of devices, or for everyone. Pressing the Pause button on the Home screen will stop internet access for all your devices without disconnecting the Wi-Fi.

You can also set-up schedules for timed pauses, such as a regular bedtime pauses, or you can create your own custom schedule. To use access controls, select the device or the group from the Devices tab and then select the option you wish to apply:

  • Timed pause - Immediately pauses internet access. Choose from 1 hour, 2 hours, until morning or select a time
  • Bedtime - This is a pre-populated schedule that turns off internet access at night. “School nights” have been set from 8am to 8am for Sunday to Thursday nights. Friday and Saturday nights have extended access to 10pm. This schedule can easily be adjusted to suit, tap Edit Bedtime and choose your days and times
  • Custom schedule - To create, first select the device or group and then tap on New Custom Schedule. Choose the day or days and the times you want to turn Wi-Fi on and off. To add different times for different days (for example, the weekend) tap Add Criteria for Remaining Days. Once completed, tap Next, name the schedule and press the Save button.

Please see this video on simple set-up steps:

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