BT Whole Home Wi-Fi FAQs - Whole Home Wi-Fi app

What versions of Android and Apple iOS will the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi app work with?

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi app is compatible with Android 5 and above and Apple iOS 9 and above.

Do I need the Whole Home Wi-Fi app to connect to the network?

Whole Home Wi-Fi is compatible with all wi-fi devices. There's no need to download the app to use the network.

To connect to the wi-fi, just use your device's connection settings as normal.

How can I download the Whole Home Wi-Fi app?

To download the app, open your device's brower and go to

How can I run the app’s set-up again?

To run the app’s set-up menu after installing your Whole Home Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall or delete the app from your tablet or smartphone
  2. Turn off the discs that aren't directly connected to your hub (router)
  3. Factory reset the disc connected to your hub (router) - use a pin or paper clip to press the factory reset button on the rear of the disc for about one second
  4. Wait for the LED to turn purple, flashing blue then solid blue
  5. Turn off this disc
  6. One by one turn on the other discs and factory reset them. Wait for the blue flashing LED, then turn off
  7. Once all discs have been reset, download and install the app from your app store
  8. You can now open the app and follow the set up instructions. Don't turn on your discs until prompted by the app

Can I install the app on a Windows phone?

Sorry, the app is only compatible with Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets.

Can I use the app with multiple Whole Home Wi-Fi network instances?

Yes, this feature is supported.

When switching between Whole Home Wi-Fi networks, you'll be prompted by the app to confirm your selection.

Why does the app need permission to use location information on Android devices?

Our app requires location permission in Android 6.0 and above. This is because the wi-fi scanning function we use is part of the same group of permissions in Android as the location one. Although this makes it look like we use location, we don't. We just use the wi-fi scan part.

I'm being prompted to update my app to a new version - why do I need to do this?

If you get this prompt, then your app needs updating, so please update it. This is because there's a new app available, which will enable all the features in the latest disc firmware version.

Why are some of my devices not connected to the nearest Whole Home Wi-Fi disc?

Your Whole Home Wi-Fi is constantly monitoring the network to make sure each device has the best available connection.

This may mean some devices will get better speed from one of the other discs where there is more wi-fi bandwidth available.

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