Zoom functions on your EE TV box

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There are two zoom functions:

Zoom Interact

This increases the size of the text on the TV guide and menus, making it easier for you to read the text on the screen. It doesn’t work on your live TV picture.

To use the 'Zoom Interact' feature, press the ZOOM button on your remote control. Or, if you have the TV Box Pro, press the MORE button on your remote (top right hand button with three horizontal lines on it).

You can then use YouView as normal.

Normal view

YouView no zoom

Zoom Interact view

YouView Zoom



Zoom Interact isn't available on the On Demand players. You can exit the zoom mode by pressing ZOOM on your remote until it goes back to normal view. If you switch off your box in zoom mode, you'll still have zoom active when you switch it back on.

Zoom Pan

This allows you to magnify an area of the screen and move around using the arrows on your remote control. To activate this function, press the ZOOM button on your remote control twice. A cursor will appear allowing you to move around the screen.

Press OK to confirm your position.

YouView Zoom

If you want to exit the Zoom mode, just press Zoom again on your remote until it goes back to normal view.

Zoom Pan isn't available on the TV guide or On Demand players.

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