Sign language on your BT TV box

British sign language (BSL) is a language which, rather than using sound, uses hand-shapes and patterns together with facial expressions to communicate and express feelings.

How to find out if a programme has sign language

Not all programmes support this feature, it all depends on whether the broadcaster has made it available. You can find out if a programme has sign language by viewing the programme summary:

  1. Press the i button on your remote, on the programme you want to view with sign language
  2. If the programme summary shows [SL], it has sign language available

Turning on the sign language feature

You can turn this feature on by pressing the Home (or YouView) button on your remote then going to SettingsĀ > Accessibility & LanguageĀ > Language & Subtitles. Select your preferred setting then go to Done.

New BT TV Language & Subtitles
Sign language on new BT TV

Enabling this feature means that if a signed version of On Demand content is available, you'll be delivered the signed version of the On Demand programme.

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