Missing Freeview channels on EE TV

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Missing Freeview channels on EE TV

If you're experiencing problems with missing channels once you've set-up your box, try the following:

Check your cables

Check your cables are connected correctly. Especially the cable from your aerial to your EE TV box.

Our quick start guides will show you how everything should be set up.

Check for planned engineering works

Check there are no planned engineering works affecting service in your area by going to the Digital UK website.

Check for planned channel changes

See any planned channel closures or changes on the Freeview website.

There's no need to re-tune your set-top box for channel changes.

Channel and signal check

To confirm which digital channels are available for your postcode, use the Freeview Availability Checker.

If the problem channel isn't listed, then you may not be able to receive it. If it is listed, check the TV signal and quality for the channel by:

  • Pressing the Home (or YouView button)
  • Going to Settings > Signal & Connection & Quality > TV Signal Quality

If the signal quality is less than 50%, this indicates that your signal is too weak to receive this channel. If your signal is too high this could also cause the issue. You could try connecting your EE TV box to another aerial port in your home (if you have one) to see if this makes a difference.

Check for hidden channels

Check you haven't hidden the channel from your TV guide:

  • Go to the TV guide, then press the YELLOW button on your remote
  • Enter your YouView PIN
  • Press the RED button (not the red 'R' button for recording) and this will restore any hidden channels

Retune channels

Try retuning your box and scanning for channels:

  • Press the Home (or YouView) button
  • Go to Settings > Signal & Connection > TV Channels > Retune Channels

Plug aerial cable into TV

  • Unplug the aerial cable from the back of your TV box, and plug it directly into the aerial socket of the TV itself
  • If the problem's still there, it's likely to be an issue with your aerial or Freeview and not our service. For more help, visit or call the Freeview advice line on 03456 505050
  • If you can now get Freeview, it might be an issue with your box or set up so please contact the TV Helpdesk.

Signal interference

Have there been any recent changes inside or outside your home? Do you have any new electrical appliances or devices? Is there any building work going on?

These can all cause signal interference. Weather conditions such as high pressure, heavy winds or storms can also affect your signal. Check if your roof aerial has been affected or moved by any recent severe weather.

Aerial type

If you have:

  • an internal aerial - try repositioning it to see if this fixes the problem
  • a communal/shared aerial - please contact your landlord or Housing Association
  • an external aerial - there may be a fault with the aerial or your aerial may have out of position

To receive the best signal, you need to point your aerial at the best transmitter. Visit the BBC transmitter checker website at for advice.

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