How do I use the TV guide and record programmes?

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If you have the TV box (pictured right), you won't be able to record live TV. If you'd like to upgrade to a recordable TV box, please get in touch.


The TV Guide shows you what's on TV and radio for the next seven days, and also lets you scroll back seven days to catch up on programmes from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5.

To bring up the guide, simply press the GUIDE button on your remote. Use the arrow buttons to move up and down through the channels, and left and right through the schedule. Press rewind and fast-forward to jump back or forward 24 hours.

Here are some tips for navigating around the TV guide:

  • Use the Blue button on the remote to filter your channels by category or genre
  • Use the Yellow button to hide (or unhide) any channel from the Guide
  • When using the Guide, use the Green button to jump back to what's on now
  • Use the channel up or down button to skip through channels on the Guide

Video: How to use the EE TV guide


How do I record a programme or series?

To record the programme you’re currently watching, press the record [R] button on your remote control.

You can also set a recording now, or in the future, within the TV guide. Use the arrow keys to locate and highlight the programme you want to record, and then press the record [R] button on your remote control.

If the programme is part of a series, you'll be given the option to record the whole series.

You can also record remotely by downloading our EE TV App and pairing it with your TV box.

Find and deleting your recordings

To see all your recordings, select MyTV in the main menu. Highlight the recording you'd like to delete and press the DEL (Delete) button on your remote control. If the recording is locked, you'll need to confirm you are happy to delete it. Locked recordings will have a padlock icon displayed next to them.

To delete all recorded episodes in a series at once, highlight the series you'd like to delete, and press the DEL (Delete) button on your remote control.

To avoid accidentally deleting a recording, you can turn on a recording confirmation message. You'll then always be asked for confirmation whenever you try to delete a recording in 'MyTV'.

To switch this setting on, go to Settings > Box Management > Recordings > Confirm Delete and choose On

The box default setting for 'Delete Recordings Confirmation' is 'OFF'.

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