Help with Premium TV channels

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Help with Premium TV channels

As part of a Premium TV channel pack you'll get 90+ Free-to-air channels. You'll also get access to a range of subscription entertainment, documentary and sport channels delivered through your broadband.

Like On Demand programmes, Premium TV channels come over your fibre broadband connection. You need to subscribe to get Premium channels.

You'll find them in your TV guide along with the Free-to-air channels. Premium TV channels are located between 300 and 599.

To view On Demand content and Premium TV channels your broadband must be working. Also check that your recordable TV box and BT Hub are connected directly with an Ethernet cable. There's less broadband speed available for other services when you're watching Premium TV channels. So when you've finished viewing a Premium TV channel, it's best if you change to a Free-to-air channel or turn the TV box off.

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