Fix problems with TV channels

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Fix problems with TV channels

Poor quality or no picture on Freeview channels

There may be a problem with the signal reaching your TV box.

Please run through the following checks in turn. After each step, you should check your service to see if it's now working.

  1. Check your cables are connected correctly. Especially the cable from your aerial to your EE TV box. If you're using a SCART cable, try using an HDMI cable for the best viewing experience. HD channels need to be viewed with an HDMI cable
  2. Check the Digital UK website to see if there's any planned engineering works that might be affecting the service in your area
  3. To confirm which digital channels are available for your postcode, use the Freeview availability checker by visiting: If the problem channel isn't listed, you may not be able to receive it. If it is listed, check the TV signal and quality for the channel by:

    • Going to Settings > Signal & Connection > TV Signal Quality
    • If the signal quality is less than 50%, this indicates that your signal is too weak to receive this channel
    • If you're signal is too high, this could also cause the issue
    • You could try connecting your TV box to another aerial port in your home (if you have one) to see if this makes a difference.

  4. Have there been any recent changes inside or outside your home? Do you have any new electrical appliances or devices? Is there any building work going on. These can all cause signal interference. Weather conditions such as high pressure, heavy winds or storms can also affect your signal. Check if your roof aerial has been affected or moved by any recent severe weather
  5. Try re-tuning your box and scanning for channels:

    • Go to Settings > Signal & Connection > Retune Channels

  6. Try restarting your box:

    • Turn the box off via the switch on the back of the box
    • Wait a few seconds, then switch back on
    • You'll know that your box has restarted when you see 'Hello' on the front panel followed by 'Please wait'

Poor quality or no picture on Extra TV channels

Test your speed

In order to watch an Extra TV channel, you’ll need minimum download speeds of 15Mbps for HD channels and 5.2Mbps for SD channels. Run the speed test in the app to check your speed and get help on how to improve it.

If your speed is fast enough:

  1. Make sure you're using the BT Hub we provided you with most recently, and not any other router or routing equipment
  2. Check your EE TV box is connected directly to your BT Hub with an Ethernet cable or Broadband Extenders, and that you're not using Powerline Adapters
  3. Restart your BT Hub, modem and EE TV box by disconnecting the power supply from the Hub and your TV box. Wait for ten seconds and then reconnect the Hub
  4. When you have a solid broadband light on your Hub and modem, reconnect the EE TV box to the power supply
  5. Now retest the channel
  6. If you're using a SCART cable, try using an HDMI cable for the best viewing experience. HD channels need to be viewed with an HDMI cable

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