Do subscription TV channels work without an aerial?

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Your TV box needs to be connected to either a TV aerial or broadband in order to watch Free-to-air TV channels, subscription channels, and On Demand content.

Your Free-to-air channels come through the TV aerial or via broadband (depending on your TV box), and your subscription channels and On Demand come solely through your broadband.

The EE TV Box Pro is able to receive Free-to-air channels from either a TV aerial connection or via broadband, whereas the EE TV Box Mini is only able to receive Free-to-air channels via broadband.

To ensure a good connection via a TV aerial, make sure that you have a working aerial connected to your box at all times. You'll need an outside aerial that can receive a digital Free-to-air signal. A small indoor aerial is unlikely to be good enough, even with a booster.

For the best possible connection via broadband, you should place your EE TV Box Pro or EE TV Box Mini within 5m of your Smart Hub. Try to make sure there's only one wall, floor or ceiling separating it from your Smart Hub at most. If you’re using an ethernet cable, you will be able to use powerline adapters and mini-connectors with the EE TV Box Pro and TV Box Mini. We recommend the use of Ethernet cable for the best experience. There will be an Ethernet cable included in your box.

For customers watching Free-to-air channels on an Extra Box in addition to their TV Box, we recommend Fibre broadband with speeds of at least 40Mbps.


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