Buying and renting films on the EE TV App - Web

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For programmes that you’re not entitled to watch, you’ll see the 'pink ticket' icon in the right-hand corner. If you click on any of these titles you’ll see the option to buy or rent. Just like you do on your TV box. To buy or rent a film, simply click the Buy or rent button.

Screen on the web showing a pink ticket marked option with the buy or rent button

You’ll then see some options. You can decide between buy or renting, and whether or not you want to buy in High Definition (HD) or standard definition (SD). Purchases and rentals can only be watched in HD on your TV box. TV app platforms are in SD 576p.

Screen on the web showing SD or HD rental or purchase options

Once you’ve selected which option you want, you’ll need to enter your BT ID password to confirm the transaction.

Screen on the web showing an its yours confirmation of a purchase or rental

You can then either play the title straight away on the web app, or access it and stream on any of your other registered app devices, including your TV box. For rentals, you’ll have 48 hours from the point of purchase to watch it before it's automatically removed from your account.

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