EE TV Purchases on the app and web player

BT TV is now EE TV. You'll still get all the same entertainment and sport you know and love. Find out what EE TV has to offer.

Want to watch the films and box sets you’ve bought from EE TV? Our app lets you stream content as well as download anything that you choose to buy. You can also watch content on the web.

If you’ve previously been using the EE TV Purchases App, this stopped being supported on 12 December 2019. To watch the films and TV you’ve bought, you’ll need to delete the app and download the EE TV app instead.

What happens to my purchases if I leave EE TV?

If you leave EE TV, you’ll need to download the EE TV app (if you haven’t already) in order to keep hold of the films and TV shows you bought. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will take 24 hours for your purchases to appear in the EE TV app once your account has ceased.

If you already have the app, your purchased content will remain in the app after you leave. .

How do I log in?

You'll need to have your BT ID, which was set up for your EE TV account. It's the same log in information you'd use to check your bills online.

If you don’t have a BT ID, you’ll need to set one up before your EE TV service is stopped.

How can I watch my films and box sets?

You can watch your purchases via the app – over wi-fi or a mobile network – or online. Mobile network downloading for the app will normally be switched off, but you can switch this on via your device settings.

You can find all titles you’ve bought in the 'Purchases' section of the 'My TV' area of the app. Your purchases will appear in this section immediately after your buy them, and will appear in the order you bought them. Simply click to watch. 

How many devices can I use?

You can log into the app on up to two devices, but only download on one. If you want to move a download to another device, you'll need to delete it on your first device, then start a download on the new one.

Can I reset my login details?

Once you’ve set up your BT ID, you can't change the email address you’ve associated to your account. You can, of course, update your password if needed. 


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