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Before looking for your error code, why not try our TV and Sport help tool? The help tool can quickly get you back up and running again. Simply click the link below and give it a go. If................

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Before looking for your error code, why not try our TV and Sport help tool? The help tool can quickly get you back up and running again. Simply click the link below and give it a go.

TV and  sport help tool

If you'd like to look up the code, please type the full error code in the box below.

For example: MM001



MP920, MS002

This means that you appear to be outside of the UK or European Union (EU) when trying to watch programmes. You can only watch programmes on the EE TV App in the UK or EU.

If this problem happens in the UK or EU, try disabling and re-enabling your location services for the EE TV App in your device settings.


MP306, MP318, MP998, ML006, MB021, MB022, MB023, MB002, MB003, MB004, MB010, MB998, MN002, MG103

This happens because of an issue with your internet connection.

  • If you’re using mobile data, try turning your mobile data on and off again
  • If you’re using wi-fi, try disconnecting your device from your wi-fi connection or restarting your router
  • If you’re having connection problems with your BT Broadband go to I've got no BT Broadband connection >



This is a problem with the player, which is causing issues for the programme you’re trying to watch.

  • Exit the player back in to the app and re-try playing the programme again
  • If this doesn’t work, fully restart the app and then re-try playing the programme again


MP089, MP080, MP201, MP202, MP203, MP204, MP205, MP206, MP207, MP208, MP209, MP210, MP211, MP212, MP213, MP214, MP215, MP216, MP217, MP218, MP219, MP220, MP221, MP222, MP223, MP224, MP225, MP226, MP227, MP228, MP229, MP230, MP231, MP232, MP233, MP234, MP235, MP236, MP237, MP238, MP239, MP240, MP241, MP242, MP243, MP244, MP245, MP246, MP247, MP248, MP249, MP250, MP251, MP252, MP253, MP254, MP255, MP256, MP257, MP258, MP259, MP260, MP261, MP262, MP263, MP264, MP265, MP266, MP267, MP268, MP269, MP270, MP271, MP272, MP273, MP274, MP275, MP277, MP278, MP279, MP280, MP281, MP282, MP283, MP284, MP285, MP286, MP287, MP288, MP289, MP290, MP291, MP292, MP293, MP294, MP295, MP296, MP297, MP298, MP299, MP300, MP301, MP302, MP303, MP304, MP305, MP307, MP308, MP309, MP310, MP311, MP312, MP313, MP314, MP315, MP317, MP316, MP081, MP082, MP098, MP087, MP088, MP099, MP997, MP996, MP901, MP902, MP903, MP906, MP907, MP908, MP910, MP911, MP914, MP932, MP915, MP916, MP927, MP929, MP930, MP937, MP938, MP917, MP919, MP921, MP925, MP999, MP100, MP101, MP103, MN004, MN007, MN008, MN009, MB901, MB907, MB910, MB915, MB927, MB921, MB923, MB999, MB929, MB001, MG104, ME105, ME106, ME107, ME110, ME111, ME112, ME113, ME114, ME115, ME116, ME117, ME123, ME124, ME125, ME126, ME101, ME120, ME102, ME103, ME122, ME121, ME100, ME001, ME015, ME915, ME999, ME118, ME119, MF029, MF030, MF032, MF033, MF036, MF024, MF151, MF060, MF062, MF025, MF026, MF027, MF067, MF020, MF021, MF023, MF090, MF091, MG429, MG500, MG106, MG101, MG102, MG111, MG104, MG401, MG112, MG113, MG114, MG115, MG116, MG117, MH103, MH114, MH111, MH112, MH105, MH106, MH107, MH108, MH110, MJ921, MJ999, MK001, MK002, MK003, MK004, MK006, MK025, MK020, MK021, MK022, MK023, MK024, MK007, MK005, MK026, MK027, MK915, MK916, MK999, MM001, MO001, MO001, MO002, MO003, MO004, MO005, MO006, MO007, MO008, MO009, MO010, MO011, MO012, MO013, MO014, MO015, MO016, MO017, MO018, MO019, MO020, MO021, MO022, MO023, MO024, MO025, MO026, MO027, MO028, MO029, MO030, MO031, MO032, MO033, MO034, MO035, MO036, MO037, MO038, MY124, MY127, MY128, MY126, MY131, MY132, MY133, MP105, ME150, ME151, ME152, ME153, ME154, ME155, ME156, ME160, ME161, ME162, ME163, MH123, MH124, MH125, MH126, MH127, MH128, MH129, ME139, ME140, ME141, MF085, ME132, ME134, ME136, ME137, MP101, MP102, MB011, MB012, MB013, MJ102, MJ103, MJ106, MJ104, MJ105, MJ112, MJ113, MJ113, MJ113, MJ114, MJ117, MJ115, MJ116, MP105, MO052, MO053, MN010, MN011, MN012, MN013, MN014, MN015, MN016, MF100, MF101, MJ940, ME003, ME004, ME005, ME008, ME007, ME008, ME014, MF041, MF042, MF043, MF044, MF046, MF070, MF047, MF050, MF040, MF061, MF069, MF080, MF081, MJ001, ME013, MK010, MK011, MK012, MK013, MK014, MK015, MK016, MK017, MK018, MK019, MY130, MY135, MY136, MY137, MF086, MF087, ME130, ME131, ME133, ME135, ME138, ME142, MH050, MF063

Try fully restarting the app, then trying the action again.


MP935, MP936, MH051, MJ961

This means that the device you’re trying to use isn't supported by the EE TV App. You'll probably need to use a different device, but check our minimum operating system requirements as you might only need a simple upgrade to your operating system.

Note: Jail-broken, rooted, and devices using developer versions of operating systems aren't supported by the EE TV App. If your device falls into one of these categories, you’ll need to try a different one.



You'll need to re-start the app and try again


MP928, MP933, MB930, MB951, MB020

This means that there's either an issue with your registered device(s), or you've reached your registered device limit.

  • You can register up to 10 devices, however you can only use the EE TV App on two devices at the same time. You can change each registered device once every 30 days
  • If you haven’t exceeded your device limit and are having issues, please log into our EE TV Help Tool >


ML001, ML002, ML004, ML005, ML006, ML007, ML008, ML009, ML010, ML011, ML012, ML013, ML014, ML015, ML016, ML017, ML018, ML019, ML020, ML021, ML022, ML023, ML024, ML025, ML026, ML027, ML028, ML029, ML030, ML999, ML003

This means that there's a temporary problem with the particular programme you’re trying to watch, which can happen for a number of reasons. Come back later and try watching the programme again - this might take up to a day in some cases.


MP939, MJ939, MS001, MS011, MS012, MS013, MS014, MS015, MS016

This means that there's an issue with the operating system your device is using, and it may be one that doesn't support the EE TV App, or you require an upgrade.

Note: Jail-broken, rooted, and devices using developer versions of operating systems aren't supported by the EE TV App. If your device falls into one of these categories, you’ll need to try a different one.


MS005, MS010, MF028, MJ901, MJ902, MK903

There are various reasons why you might be seeing this error code.

  • First, try fully restarting your app
  • If restarting your app doesn’t work, try deleting the app off your device and then reinstalling it. (You’ll need to log in again once you’ve reinstalled the app)



This means that your device is connected, or you’re mirroring your device to an external monitor, which isn’t currently supported by the EE TV App. You’ll need to disconnect your device from any external display to continue using the app.


MS018, MS019, MS006, MS007

This means that your device's location services aren't enabled for the EE TV App. As the EE TV App can only be used in the UK or European Union (EU), the app needs location services to be turned on. Make sure you’ve enabled location services for the EE TV App in your device settings.


MD101, MD102, MD103, MD104, MD105, MD106, MD107, MD108, MD109, MD110, MD111, MD112, MD113, MD114, MD115, MD116, MD118, MD119, MD120, MD121, MD122, MD123, MD124, MD125, MD126, MD127, MD129, MD130, MD131, MD132, MD133, MD134, MD135, MD136, MD137, MD128, MD003, MD138, MD139, MC001, MC002, MC003, MM004, MM005, MM006, MM007, MM008, MM009, MN020, MO999, MP104, MW041, MW998

Close the app and re-start or re-install the app.



You'll need to download the latest version of Javascript online.



You'll need to close all other apps, and then re-start the app.



This error happens because you need to download the app from the Amazon App Store, and not from Google Play.



You'll need to log in again before attempting playback.



You'll need to delete the download and try again.


MJ120, MJ121

You need to log in.


MJ122, MJ123, MM003, MM010

You need to disconnect and then reconnect to Chromecast.


MD001, MD117, MY019, MY039, MY116, MY117, MY115, MY120

This means that an issue with your internet connection is interfering with the pairing process.

  • Make sure your set top box is connected to your home wi-fi. Your device needs to be connected to the same network, and both your set top box and TV must be switched on to pair
  • Try restarting your router if you’re having connection issues
  • When you’re sure the internet connection is working properly, re-try the pairing process


MH102, MH115, MH101, MH109, MH104

The search will only display results if you enter a valid search term. Make sure the term you’ve used is valid and try again.


MJ914, MH113, MH120, MH121, MH122

If you’re using the app on iOS or Android:

  • Try fully restarting the app, then attempting the action again

If you’re on the web:

  • Try refreshing the page and attempting the action again

If this doesn’t work, try closing your browser down and loading on a new browser session.

If this still doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the specific programme you’re trying to watch. We'll try to resolve this as soon as possible.


MJ931, MJ900, MJ910, MJ911

There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. Please go to EE TV App login help for suggestions on how to resolve this issue.



This means that you don’t appear to have an active billing EE TV account, or that your account is currently suspended. Please visit our billing help pages for more information.



This means your BT ID login details were invalid.

  • Try entering your details again. You'll be locked out for 15 minutes after three failed attempts
  • If this doesn’t work, you can request BT ID and password reminders here:

Remind me of my BT ID username >

Reset your BT ID password >



Wait 15 minutes and re-try entering the details.



No resolution - invalid asset.


MY038, MY107, MY111, MY112, MY109, MY108, MY122, MY123, MY018, MY118, MY119, MY125, MY003, MY004, MY005, MY006, MY001

This means that you have a pairing issue between your device and set top box. Make sure your set top box and TV are both switched on, and that your device and set top box are connected to the same network.

Try one or both of the following:

  • Fully restart your app and try re-pairing your device to your set top box
  • If this doesn’t work, try resetting your set top box and/or your router, and then try re-pairing your device to your set top box again

Note: You can't pair if your device is on a mobile network such as 3G or 4G.


MY122, MY110, MY113

Re-try pairing journey.



Log out of the app, then log back in with new user details.



Try logging in again, re-start the app and then try again.



Check your wi-fi connection, re-start the app and re-try. If you're connected to a public wi-fi service, please ensure you're properly online with that provider and try again. This may require you to log in or accept terms.


MN017, MN018

You need to make sure that the time and time zone are correct in your device's 'Time and date' settings.


MS008, MS009

This means that you’re using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or equivalent service to change your device location. To watch programmes on the EE TV App, you’ll have to switch off any VPN services you’re using.

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