Audio Feedback on your EE TV box

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Audio Feedback has been added to support the viewing experience for partially sighted and blind viewers less able to interpret visual feedback. Audio tones are generated to let you know that a key press on the remote control has been received by the TV box.

Unfortunately, Audio Feedback is not yet available with the EE Box Pro. 

You can switch this feature on by going to Settings > Accessibility & Language > Audio feedback. Choose your preferred setting, then go to Done. When pressing OK you can then go left and right to turn from 'OFF’ to 'ON'.

BT TV audio feedback

Audio feedback tones

A single short beep is played when you press a key on the remote which indicates it's been received by the TV box. A sequence of audio feedback tones will playback depending on the button presses, and will help communicate additional information to the user. See the table below for the different audio feedback tone types.

Audio feedback tone description Tone type Tone length
Button pressed on remote control (excluding those below) Dit 0.2s
AD button pressed - turns AD 'on' Dah, dit 0.5s then 0.2s
AD button pressed - turns AD 'off' Dah 0.5s
Vol+ & Vol- No tone No tone
Info button pressed Dit, Dah 0.2s then 0.5s
Turning Audio Feedback on in 'Settings' Dit, Dit, Dit 0.2s & 0.2s & 0.2s
Dialogue message displayed on screen Dah, Dah, Dah 0.5s then 0.5s then 0.5s
Dialogue message dismissed from screen Dah, Dit, Dit 0.5s then 0.2s then 0.2s

Changing volume levels for the Audio Feedback

Audio Feedback volume is independent of the normal volume settings. Even if ‘mute’ is turned on, you'll still be able to hear the tones.

To change the Audio Feedback volume, go to Settings > Accessibility & Language > Audio Feedback . Choose the Volume (from the options below), then go to Done.

  • Very Low (-6 decibels)
  • Low
  • Normal (default option, normal decibel level)
  • High
  • Very High (+6 decibels)
BT TV audio feedback

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