What's a Data SIM Only plan?

Stay connected on the move with a Data SIM Only plan from BT Mobile. Our Data SIM Only plans are designed for use in your tablet or iPad, or in a mobile broadband device, so you can tether your other devices to it.

With our Data SIM Only plans you can get all the 4G data that you need on a 12 month contract.

Which devices can I use a Data SIM in?

You can use your Data SIM in either a cellular tablet or a mobile broadband device.

Cellular tablets are different to wi-fi tablets as they have a SIM slot. This means that by using a Data SIM you can stay connected to the internet on the move - perfect for the kids to stay connected on long car journeys.

You can also use Data SIMs in mobile broadband devices. They're ideal if you want to tether a wi-fi tablet or laptop to your mobile broadband device to use data on the move. Find out more about mobile broadband devices by heading to the >

Can I use a Data SIM when travelling abroad (roaming)?

Yes, but you must make sure you use your SIM card in a device that can receive text messages. This is because we will send you important information about using our services when you travel abroad, which can differ based on where you are. We will also send you messages to tell you when you are getting close to, or reaching your data allowance limit, or if you are incurring extra costs abroad.

How do I get a Data SIM Only plan?

We are no longer offering Data SIM Only plans to new customers.

How long are the contracts?

All our Data SIM Only plans are on a 12 month contract.

What's the BT Mobile 30 day money back guarantee?

Find out about our 30 day money back guarantee here? >

Can I get a Data SIM Only plan on BT Mobile Family SIM?

No, Data SIM Only plans aren’t available on BT Mobile Family SIM.

Take a look at our BT Mobile phone plans >

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