Set up and use the My BT app

The My BT app has three main pages. Just tap on the button on the top left corner to open the menu and navigate around the app.


My Allowances

This page will give you an at-a-glance view of what you've got left from your minutes, texts and data allowance. You'll also see how much you have spent on top of your plan (such as premium texts, roaming charges or international calls).


Extra spend

This page shows you the breakdown of what you've spent on top of your plan. This will be broken down into six categories: minutes, texts and data when you're in the UK and minutes, texts and data when you're abroad.

You can also get more details online using the link at the bottom of the page. It'll open in your phone's browser. You'll need to login with the account holder's BT ID to see this information.


My Plan

This shows you the details of your plan including your billing date. It'll also show how you've set up the tools to manage what you spend.


How up to date is the information in the app?

Everything should be in real time. That means that your minutes allowance will be updated as soon as your call finishes. Texts will also be updated as soon as you send them.

Data is also displayed in real time, but to see the latest usage you'll have finish any internet surfing and close your browser. If you want to see how it works, just turn airplane mode off and back on.


How up to date is my roaming usage?

It depends on which country and network you're roaming on. It should be in real time in most countries, but for some countries it can take several weeks to update.


Need any help?

If you've got any problems while using the app, tap the question mark in the top right hand corner for relevant help.

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