Questions about the BT Mobile Extra Speed 4G add-on

What is Extra Speed 4G?

Our Extra Speed 4G add-on gives you faster mobile data speeds than our standard 4G. With the add-on, the maximum download speed can be as high as 60Mbps (megabits per second) rather than 30 Mbps on our standard 4G. It means you could download an app in as little as 3.5 seconds compared to seven seconds with standard 4G, or download a music track in 1.5 seconds compared to three. It should make using your smartphone a lot slicker with less time waiting for content to buffer or for apps to load.

Will I always get speeds of 60Mbps?

No, these are the maximum speeds of the service. Speeds will vary and you'll see slower speeds day-to-day. It all depends on things like coverage and the number of people using the network, as well as whether you're indoors or in a densely populated area.

What's the benefit of the extra speed?

It'll be a lot quicker to browse the internet, and to download music, films and large files. And it'll mean less time waiting for content to buffer or apps to load.

What's the difference between this and my current 4G?

Extra Speed 4G delivers even faster speeds than our standard 4G – raising the average 4G speed experienced to 24-30Mbps, and offering peaks as high as 60Mbps.

Do I need a new device for Extra Speed 4G?

If you've got a compatible 4G-ready device, you can get Extra Speed 4G by buying the add-on. Once you've added Extra Speed 4G to your plan, your phone will support the technology when it's available. There's no need to upgrade your device or change any settings.

Do I need to do anything to get Extra Speed 4G?

Yes, you’ll need to add the Extra Speed 4G add-on to your BT Mobile plan.

Will I have to pay more?

The Extra Speed 4G add-on is £4 per month. Once you add it to your BT Mobile plan, it'll run on a 30-day rolling contract

How do I add Extra Speed 4G to my plan?

To add Extra Speed 4G to your BT Mobile plan, log in to then select the "Buy add-on" button in the "My add-ons" section.

How will I know whether I can get Extra Speed 4G in my area?

Before buying the add-on, please take a look at our coverage checker. Make sure you check all the areas you visit regularly, not just your home address.

How will I know when I'm benefiting from the faster speeds?

Once you’ve added Extra Speed 4G to your plan, it'll automatically activate within 24 hours and you will start benefiting straight away. You should notice the extra speed, although the network indicator on your 4G phone won't change. It will continue to display "4G" or "LTE" whenever you're connected to Extra Speed 4G.

When I'm connected to Extra Speed 4G, will I use more data than if I'm on the current 4G?

No. The same amount of content, received at the same quality, won't use more data, but you may use your data allowance faster.

How can I manage or remove the Extra Speed 4G add-on?

Just log in to >

Will Extra Speed work when I'm at home?

Yes, Extra Speed 4G will work whenever you're connected to the BT Mobile network and where it's available. To save on data usage when downloading large files or updating apps, it's still a good idea to use wi-fi where possible.

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