My calls keep being sent into a 1572 junk voicemail

BT Call Protect helps prevent unwanted and nuisance calls. By managing your settings, you can choose which calls you want to send to a junk voicemail.

Customers with this service can send calls to their junk voicemail by setting the preferences below:

  • BT Blocklist - We've identified a list of nuisance callers. Calls from these numbers will be sent to your junk voicemail. Our blocklist will significantly cut the amount of unwanted calls you get. We’ll turn it on by default when you get BT Call Protect
  • Personal Blocklist - You can add the last call you answered from your home phone, or any other phone number at > to your own blocklist. This means that any future calls from those numbers also go to your junk voicemail. This feature will also be automatically switched on, but won’t have any numbers until you add some
  • Individual Call Types - You can choose to send all calls from certain categories to your junk voicemail. The three call types are:

    ✓ International numbers
    ✓ Withheld numbers
    ✓ Unrecognised numbers (shown as 'unavailable' on caller display or on 1471)

If when you call a customer with BT Call Protect you're sent to a junk voicemail, it could be because the phone number has been added to a Personal or BT Blocklist.

It could also be because your number falls into one of the available call categories selected by a customer. If you're calling from a withheld number, try releasing it by dialling 1470 before the phone number you're ringing.




If you're a business or a customer with another phone company, contact your provider for further information about making a query with BT.

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