If I have a Family SIM on someone else’s plan, do I still own my phone number?

When you join someone else's plan, they take responsibility for your number.

If you're worried about it, ask the bill payer to give you control of your SIM. They can do this by going to 'Personalise your SIM' at >

You'll have your own BT ID to manage things like settings and add-ons, though it depends on what level of control your bill payer wants to give you.

If you ever want to own your number again, you'll need to ask the bill payer to stop your SIM. We'll then send you a text telling you how to take over the number for yourself.

What if my Family SIM is due to be stopped?

If your Family SIM is due to be stopped, we'll text you the date this is going to happen. Unless we’re stopping it immediately, we'll text you a PIN code and a number to call in case you want to take over the SIM.

Find out more about stopping a Family SIM >

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