I want to stop my Family SIMs

If you're the bill payer, you can stop any Family SIM in your plan at any time, just contact us.

If you've got a Family SIM in someone else's plan, you'll need to ask the person who pays the bill to get in touch with us to stop your service.

If you're using a Family SIM that's due to be stopped, we'll text you the date this is going to happen. Unless it's going to be stopped immediately, we'll give you reference and a number to call in case you want to take over your service in your own right.

If you want to make the most of the 30-day rental liability, you need to pay even though you want to stop the service. But if you want to minimise any charges outside your plan, you can ask us to block any extra charges when you call to stop your service with us.

Please note that this does not include any data add-ons for when you're abroad. These can be started by responding to the text we'll send you as soon as you arrive abroad. To block this you can also turn off roaming on your settings on >

For more information about cancelling your contract, take a look at How do I leave BT Mobile? >

The legal bit

Existing customers, you can change your mind about getting Family SIMs you can stop the whole plan within 30 days of your service starting, without paying a cancellation charge.

New customers can no longer get Family SIM plans unfortunately.

If you want to keep your plan but stop one of the additional SIMs you ordered within the plan, you can do this within 30 days of your service start date, without paying a cancellation charge.

For more details, see What's the BT Mobile 30 day money back guarantee? >

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