I'm having problems making or receiving mobile calls

Use these simple steps to improve the quality of calls:

  1. Make sure you're in an area which has a good signal - check coverage in your area >
  2. Check what's around you. Your surroundings can really affect the quality of reception especially if you're a long way from a mobile mast. Nearby buildings, cars or electrical equipment can block a signal - the easiest thing is just to move from where you are. If you're in a valley, near lots of trees or inside a big building, the signal is usually not so good either. Try to find an open space
  3. Go somewhere quiet to make your call: other noise makes it difficult to hear a conversation
  4. Take your phone out of its case. Cases can interfere with the signal and muffle sound from the speaker
  5. Turn up the volume or use a headset
  6. Make sure your battery is charged up. Low power can sometimes cause problems
  7. If you are in an area which sometimes gets 4G and sometimes 3G (or 3G and 2G), manually switch the phone to the lower speed

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Why can't I make a call when I still have plenty of minutes?

You may have reached the limit you set on how much you can spend each month. This means that you can still use the allowances in your plan, but you can't use anything that isn't included (for example, premium rate numbers or international calls).

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