How do I give someone control of a BT Mobile SIM?

When you give someone control of a SIM it allows them to get more out of BT Mobile through their own BT ID. And, if you want, you can still keep tabs on the bill and settings for parental controls.

To give someone control of a SIM, just choose to personalise your SIM after you've activated it. All you need is a valid email address for them and we''ll email and text them the invitation.

When they accept, we'll ask them to create a new BT ID (or use one they've already got).

They can then view their own data and calls on They can also use BT Wi-fi, and the BT Sport app if you’ve signed up for BT Sport.

If you want to give control of a SIM you've already activated, go to and select "Personalise my SIMs".

You can also use this link to send an invite again, check whether an invite's been accepted, or cancel an invite.

Can I choose what they get control over?

We've got two levels of controls: "some control" and "full control".

Some control

This is designed for someone under 18, although it's available for anyone. Whoever's using the SIM will be able to:

  • Check how much data and calls they've used by logging in to >
  • Get free unlimited BT Wi-fi at millions of UK hotspots
  • Get the BT Sport app to watch BT Sport on their smartphone

Full control

This gives them the same features as "some control", plus they can:

Will you send them separate marketing information?

If you give control of a SIM to anyone under 18, we don't send them any marketing emails or texts.

But whatever level of control you've set, we will text anyone who goes abroad to ask them if they want to buy a BT Mobile data add-on. This is to help keep data costs down when they're out of the country.

To stop them getting these messages go to and change your "Use your phone abroad" settings.

Read more about the BT Mobile data add-on for when you're abroad >

Will they become responsible for paying the bill?

No. You'll still pay the bill and you still own the SIM.

Giving someone control of a SIM will allow them to create their own BT ID and make more of BT services in their own right. If you give them "full control" they'll be able to do things that will affect the bill.

They can use their BT ID to keep tabs on their data and calls; they'll be able to access BT Wi-fi hotspots and watch sport with the BT Sport app. And full control lets them buy and manage add-ons, manage their own spend caps, and set up their own parental controls.

For them to use the BT Sport app, you'll need to make sure it's set up on your account.

Help with managing your BT Sport options >

Will they be able to use their BT ID to see details of my account?

No. They'll just be able to see their own usage. They won't see your account number or any details about your bill or other products.

If you've removed someone's control of a SIM, but they continue to see elements of your account, it's possible that their BT ID is also registered as a secondary BT ID for your account.

Learn more about how BT IDs work >

Can I change the level of control I've given to someone?

Yes, just go to and select "Personalise SIMs" to change the control level or remove control completely.

If you remove control, then their BT ID will stay active, but they'll no longer be able to see the details of the SIM when they log into My BT.

You'll still be able to use the SIM (and you'll need to carry on paying the bill for it).

If you don't want the SIM anymore, contact us >

I've now got lots of SIMs on my account - some for me and some for other people. How do I keep track of them all?

You can give each of them a friendly name. Just choose the "Personalise my SIM" button when you activate your SIM. Or if it's already activated, go to and choose "Personalise SIMs".

My invite to give someone control of a SIM is showing as cancelled. But I didn't cancel it

It's likely that the invite has been cancelled because of an error with the date of birth entered in the invite for full control. You can only give someone full control if they're over 18. If that person has a BT ID which tells us they're under 18, they can't get full control.

You can send a new invite giving them "some control" instead. Just go to and select "Personalise my SIMs".

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