How can I manage my BT Mobile spend?

How can I manage my spend?

We want to give you total control over your bill so we'll give you some simple tools to manage your spend:

  • A monthly spend cap for any charges outside your allowance
  • A data roaming cap for when you're abroad
  • You can change your cap any time at My Mobile
  • We'll send you texts when you're at 80% and 100% of your limit
  • Download the My BT app to monitor your exact usage and allowance

What's a monthly spend cap?

No one likes getting a huge bill. So with BT Mobile you can set a monthly spend cap for anything outside your plan. The default spend cap is £40 but you can cap what you spend to as low as £0 over and above your monthly plan charge.

We’ll also set a default cap of £35 on monthly data roaming charges abroad but you change this if you like. You can change the roaming limit to a minimum of £0. But if you opt out of the cap completely, we won't control what you spend.

Don't forget, you can keep an eye on what you're using with the My BT app. And there are tools to manage what you spend at >

How would I spend more than is in my plan?

Your plan has data, calls and texts included. If you use them all up, then we'll charge you any extra you use.

Certain types of calls and texts aren't included within your plan (like calls to premium rate numbers). So these would always cost you extra on top of your monthly plan.

And we'll charge extra when you use your phone abroad. If you use any data, make calls or send texts while you're away, it'll cost more. You can see our list of charges on top of your plan at >

What happens when I hit my monthly spend cap/data roaming cap?

We'll text you when you're close to hitting the cap and then again when you've actually reached it.

Then, if you want to keep spending, you'll have to go to to extend the cap. Otherwise you'll have to wait until your next bill date, when we'll reset the spend caps.

Why does BT have spend caps?

To give you complete control over your plan. This means you should never get in a situation where your bill is more than you expected.

How do I set spend caps?

When you buy a BT Mobile plan, we'll set monthly spend and data roaming caps by default.

To make changes, just go to >

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