Inserting your BT SIM

Once you’ve received confirmation your old number has transferred to us, you can insert your SIM into the phone you want to use. If you are getting a new number, insert it straight away.

There are three SIM sizes: standard, micro and nano. Most recent devices use nano. We'll send you a triple SIM, so you just need to pop out the right-sized SIM for your device.

Hand holding a BT Mobile triple SIM

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Locate the SIM-card slot

Remove your current SIM (or open your device) ready to insert the new SIM. Make sure your phone is turned off first.

The SIM slot is typically found on the edge of your phone or behind the battery cover (if it is removable). If you aren’t sure, check your manufacturer’s user guide.

For some phones you will need to use a tool to get the SIM-tray out, which you insert into a small hole next to the SIM-card slot and the tray should pop out.

These tools are usually found in the box, but if you misplace yours, you can use an earring or small paperclip.

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Select the correct SIM

Pop out the SIM you need from the triple SIM. You should be able to tell what size you need is by looking at your previous SIM card or SIM holder.

If you pop out the wrong-sized SIM, you can usually still use it – simply break out the correct size and place your smaller SIM back.

If you do break your SIM, you can order a new one by going to and log in using your BT ID.

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Insert your SIM

Pop the SIM into your device. Turn on your phone and you are ready for the next step.

SIM-cards can contain personal information such as contacts, so you can either keep your old SIM-card or it cut up and throw it away.


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