BT Mobile: How do I move my contacts and content between phones?

Here are some tips for moving stuff from your old phone to your new one.


Make sure everything is backed up on your iCloud account. To understand how to do this check out our phone guides >

Then when you start up your new phone, type in your Apple ID and it should transfer everything over.

For Android phones

Back up all of your contacts using Gmail and then move your pictures and videos across using Google Drive and Google+.

Then when you fire up your new Android phone you can sign in using your Google ID to get access to all your stuff.

For Windows Phones

Just back up your contacts through your Outlook account.

When you fire up your new phone just sign in to Outlook and you'll see all your contacts.

For older phones (not smartphones)

Adding a new BT SIM into an old phone

Before you put the new BT SIM into your phone, make sure you've saved all your from your old SIM to the phone itself.

When you put the new SIM in, it should be able to be able to find the contacts you've saved on to the phone.

Transferring contacts between phones

If you get a new phone and want to use your current SIM with it:

  1. Save your contact numbers from your old phone to your SIM
  2. Pop the SIM in your new phone and then move your contacts from the SIM to the phone

Get help with this for your model of phone >

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