How do I report a lost or stolen phone from abroad?

Don't worry. If your phone is lost or stolen while you're abroad, you'd do just as you would if you were in the UK.

Please contact us >

First, we'll bar your SIM card. This will make sure that no one can make calls, send texts or use data using your number. Then we'll blacklist your phone so no one can use it.

You should also tell the local police your phone's been stolen and get a crime reference number. You'll need this if you want to put in an insurance claim.

Then order a replacement SIM. You can ask us for one when you phone to report the loss, or do it online anytime.

We can only send this to your home address - not to where you are abroad - and it'll take 1-2 business days to reach you.

Order a replacement SIM >

You'll need to activate it before you can use it.

Activate your replacement SIM >

Your BT mobile number will stay the same.

I've got my phone back. Can I just start using it again?

If you've got us to bar your SIM, but haven't yet ordered a replacement, then yes. Just give us a call and we'll unbar it. You'll also need to ask us to un-blacklist your phone.

If you get your phone back and you've already ordered another SIM, you'll need to wait for the new one to arrive and then activate it. Your old SIM won't work anymore. But we can still un-blacklist your phone if you contact us >

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